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Biden Debases Laetare Medal As Students Bolster Notre Dame’s Catholic Identity

Laetare Medal awardee @JoeBiden's recent trashing of Church teaching on abortion contrasts with @NotreDame Catholic student organizations' support of the University's Catholic character. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Following our last bulletin about an Irish Rover investigative report, we write today principally about Notre Dame’s Catholic student organizations, but the recent feticidal outburst by Notre Dame Read More

Notre Dame’s Non-Heteronormative Welcome Week

.@NotreDame sterilizes Welcome Week of "heteronormative messages that created an unwelcoming or awkward environment for many students.” #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In our last two bulletins, we cited the University’s embrace of Pride Month and the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s establishment of an official alumni LGBTQ “affinity group” as evidence of a cultural shift at Read More

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender, and “Questioning” Alumni Given Their Own Official Notre Dame Alumni Group

.@NotreDame continues its rapid ethical and cultural shift with @NDAA's establishment of an LGBTQ alumni "affinity group.” #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We opened our last bulletin by observing that, ever since Father Jenkins scuttled long-standing University policy in 2012 by approving a student LGBTQ club, the risk has been that the aim of treating homosexuals with Read More

Notre Dame Embraces LGBTQ Pride Month

Father Jenkins's misguided approval of a student LGBTQ club at @NotreDame and a promiscuous "diversity and inclusion" policy has led to increasing support for the LGBTQ agenda capped by endorsement of LGBTQ Pride Month. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Ever since Father Jenkins scuttled long-standing University policy in 2012 by approving a student LGBTQ club, the Read More

President Biden Dodges President Jenkins

US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden return to the White House from a weekend at Camp David in Washington, DC, USA, May 23, 2021 [Notre Dame’s Commencement Weekend] [Photo via Newscom] President @JoeBiden averted pro-life backlash but embarrassed @NotreDame by his last-minute rejection of Father Jenkins’s wrong-headed invitation to be Commencement speaker. Read More

Mid-Year Message 2021

.@NotreDame invited President Biden to be the 2021 commencement speaker but Biden dodged at the last minute with almost 5,000 alumni and friends signing our Open Letter. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet This message from Bill Dempsey was taped just before Notre Dame’s Commencement and provides a brief mid-year report on Sycamore Trust with remarks about Father Read More

Notre Dame’s Student COVID Vaccination Mandate

.@NotreDame's COVID mandate requiring students to be vaccinated with an emergency vaccine while continuing to allow faculty and staff to choose for themselves raises serious ethical questions #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The university is requiring all students, except those exempted for “documented” religious or medical reasons, to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition for Read More

Biden’s Hit Man, an Unexpected Laetare Awardee, & Zahm House Blues

Will @NotreDame ever end its silence on inviting @JoeBiden to speak at Commencement? Will honoring a little-known gospel singing financier end #Laetare blowback? Will canceling Zahm House end campus #Zahmantics? #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The University has announced an unforeseeable selection for the Laetare Medal, thrown up its hands in its efforts to bring law Read More

The Equality Act, A Fourth Strike Against Biden

.@JoeBiden's anti-Catholic #EqualityAct makes the already compelling case against @NotreDame's honoring him conclusive #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The House of Representatives has just endorsed an especially pernicious anti-religious freedom component of President Biden’s agenda, and accordingly we write you again about how ill-advised it would be to for Notre Dame to invite him to be Read More