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Cover Columbus! Show Porn!

Father Jenkins has just decided to cover up the Main Building murals celebrating Christopher Columbus bringing Christianity to the New World because they are offensive to Native Americans while he remains silent on the students’ petition for a filter to stem the torrent of pornography the University funnels to students 24/7 through its Internet service.

Notre Dame, Pornography Middleman

.NotreDame's advice for managing pornography on its Wi-Fi: 'God’s given us the choice of whether we’re going to be sinners or not, you know?' #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We reproduce below a moderately shortened letter from some 90 “Men of Notre Dame” presenting their petition to the University to install a pornography filter on the Read More

Good Cop, Bad Cop

The Pennsylvania grand jury report that has reignited the clerical sexual abuse issue with a vengeance is just the beginning. So far, thirteen additional states have announced that they’re pursuing investigations, and a federal statewide investigation in Pennsylvania has just begun. The impact of these investigations will depend a lot on the attorneys in charge. Because Read More

Millstone II Alumni Analysis

Late Saturday night in American time zones, two English-language websites published the 11- page “testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. The testimony is an unprecedented indictment of senior Church officials for conspiring to enable the now-disgraced former Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick, to Read More

Conveniently Blind

The university has now disclosed the unsettling details of its contraception program. Coverage will include drugs that cause abortions; they will be prescribed and provided through the campus wellness center; and abortifacients will be provided free for several more months and cut-rate until the end of the year. The program is described in three online Read More