Annual Breakfast

Informed discussions of current topics and trends that bear importantly on the Catholic identity of Notre Dame

Our Annual Breakfast during Alumni Weekend has become an extremely popular event with an overflowing attendance each year and a live broadcast of the program for those who are unable to be there in person. Knowledgeable speakers on faculty such as Fr. Bill Miscamble, Prof. Gerry Bradley, Prof. Walter Nicgorski, Prof. Charles Rice and Prof. Ralph McInerny have joined students, alumni and others to address a range of issues relating to Notre Dame‘s Catholic identity.

Sycamore Trust is a model of calm and reasonable yet unrelenting friendly questioning of recent events on the South Bend campus. (Ralph McInerny 1929-2010.)


Our first panel discussion was held in the spring of 2007 with presentations focused on Father Jenkins’s approval of The Vagina Monologues. The event that year drew an audience that filled a large lecture hall. So did our 2008 and 2009 events — especially the latter, which dealt with Father Jenkins’s decision to honor President Obama, a decision that was harshly criticized by 83 cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.

In both years we were on the official Reunion Weekend program. But in 2010 the Alumni Association changed the long-standing policy under which that was possible. Expecting a much-reduced attendance, we moved that year to a Morris Inn meeting room and added a breakfast to the format.

As it turned out, we underestimated the program‘s draw. Although alumni attending Reunion Weekend were not told of it through the official calendar of events, word got out and the room was filled beyond capacity. So we moved the following year to the Conference Center and, with the exception of 2013, when we met in the Hilton Inn because the Morris Inn was closed for rennovations, have been there ever since. We began streaming the program speakers on the Internet in 2013 and now reach hundreds of alumni with informed discussions of issues that bear importantly on the Catholic identity of Notre.

Spread the Word

We are pleased to report that we are back on the official program for this year’s Reunion Weekend. Even so, our experience has been that most people learn about our Breakfast by word of mouth. Therefore if you know of anyone who will be on campus for Reunion Weekend, please tell them about our event. And if you would like to help us further spread the word, please let us know.  You can contact us at (888) 844-1390 or info@sycamoretrust.org.

2019 Breakfast

Saturday June 1, 2019
Conference Center at McKenna Hall
Room Lower Level
Complimentary breakfast opens at 7:15 a.m.
Program 8:00 am – 9:30 am

For more information contact us at events@sycamoretrust.org


Annual Breakfast 2018

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