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Sycamore Trust 2021
Thank You!

Sycamore Trust 2021 Christmas Message

Sycamore Trust 2020 Christmas Message

Jim Martinson 2019 Student of the Year

Jim Martinson 2019 Gentleman of the Year

Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations

Sycamore Trust 2019 Christmas Message

The Ingraham Angle Blood On Their Hands

Sycamore Trust Novena Thank You Message

Sycamore Trust Annual Breakfast 2019

Sycamore Trust Christmas Message 2018

2018 Annual Breakfast: The Church and Notre Dame

Sycamore Trust 2017 Christmas Message

Sycamore Trust Novena Thank You

Novena: Catholic Education & Notre Dame 2017

Sophia Buono: Catholic Duty Toward Truth and Charity

2017 Annual Breakfast: Gerard V. Bradley

2017 Annual Breakfast: Sophia Buono Presentation

2017 Annual Breakfast: Sophia Buono Opening Remarks

Gerard Bradley: Judicial Appointments and the Trump Presidency

2017 Annual Breakfast: William H Dempsey Introductory Remarks

Transgenderism and the Trump Presidency

Mordecai Lewis: Leaked Commencement Speech

2017 Sycamore Trust Annual Breakfast Presentations

Sycamore Trust 2016 Christmas Message

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