Mid-Year Message 2021

.@NotreDame invited President Biden to be the 2021 commencement speaker but Biden dodged at the last minute with almost 5,000 alumni and friends signing our Open Letter. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet

This message from Bill Dempsey  (click the image above)  was taped just before Notre Dame’s Commencement and provides a brief mid-year report on Sycamore Trust with remarks about Father Jenkins’s invitation to President Biden to be commencement speaker, the university’s unprecedented decision to withhold from alumni information about Catholic representation on the faculty, and an important new project by Sycamore Trust.

After the video was recorded, a number of reports about the Biden/Notre Dame episode appeared attributing Biden’s dodging the Commencement to concern over a “backlash” or “uproar” over his abortion policy triggered by the Sycamore Trust Open Letter to Father Jenkins.  We will publish shortly a detailed report providing you with an opportunity to comment. 



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