Biden, Abortion, and Notre Dame Commencement Redux

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We open this bulletin with the first pro-abortion dividend of President Biden’s opposition to the Hyde Amendment and continue with some additional information we have just come across that bears upon our Open Letter to Father Jenkins urging him not to invite President Biden to be Commencement speaker. (We reproduce that Letter below and invite those who have not signed to join now.)  

COVID-19 Relief Act and the Hyde Amendment

We have previously reported how, in his campaign for the nomination, Biden reversed his long-standing support of the Hyde Amendment prohibiting the use of federal money to provide abortions, a provision that has saved an estimated 2 million lives since 1976.

We described also how this provision was supported from 1976 until now by both parties in Congress and both Democratic and Republican presidents.

The Covid-19 relief legislation just passed by Congress and signed by President Biden accorded the first opportunity for President Biden and pro-abortion Congressional forces to begin funneling taxpayer money to abortion providers. The law provides $50 million to Planned Parenthood and large sums for  purposes such as health care, foreign aid, and local and state government uses that had traditionally been subject to the Hyde restriction.

As related in a National Review article by Alexandra DeSanctis (ND ’16 and a Sycamore Board member), several Republican Senators proposed adding the Hyde Amendment to these provisions. 

The amendments failed. 

So did a plea by Archbishop Joze’ H. Gomez, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and seven episcopal chairmen of USCCB committes. 

Buyer’s Remorse has swiftly set in for Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden, who now lament “We feel used and betrayed” by Biden for his abandonment of the Hyde Amendment and question “whether we are still welcome in the Democratic Party.”

And so the acceleration of the carnage begins. 

Father Jenkins to ND Trustees: It’s OK, he’s not Catholic. 

As our readers will doubtless remember, the 2009 Commencement with President Obama at its center was a world-class calamity.

The Center for Bio Ethical Reform (CBR) protests the selection of President Barack Obama as Notre Dame’s 2009 commencement speaker | AP Image

Notre Dame’s bishop, The Most Rev. John M. D’Arcy, condemned Notre Dame’s honoring of this pro-abortion president, and he was joined by 82 other cardinals, archbishops, and bishops. Pro-life students organized a campus Mass and Rally  attended by thousands. Bishop D’Arcy was there instead of at the Commencement, and the students held their own graduation at the Grotto. Pro-life protestors crowded the campus borders, and when some stepped onto Notre Dame soil the university had scores arrested and hauled off in paddy wagons while media cameras recorded the sorry episode for morning editions across the country. 

Father Jenkins in retrospect called the event a “circus.”  Well, circuses are usually fun, but the metaphor holds if one thinks of a circus in which trapeze artists fall to the ground, sword swallowers impale themselves, and fire-eaters go up in flames. 

We reported on all of this here and here and here, and the events are reviewed in a recent (and unusually balanced) National Catholic Reporter article on the prospect of Biden as Notre Dame’s Commencement speaker.

One passing reference in that article caught our eye, namely, the report that some unnamed persons in 2009  “made the case” that the bishops’ injunction  against Catholic institutions honoring “those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles” didn’t apply because Obama wasn’t Catholic.

Because this time the prospective honoree is Catholic, we looked to see who had advanced such a contention. 

It turns out to have been Father Jenkins.

As criticism of Father Jenkins’s invitation to Obama mounted in 2009, he defended his decision to the Notre Dames board of trustees in a private letter that leaked. In it, his lead justification was his surprising claim that the bishops’ injunction didn’t apply to non-Catholics even though it didn’t say so. He relied on unnamed “canon lawyers” and what unnamed “fellow university presidents have told me that their bishops have told them.”  

Unsurprisingly, he did not consult the authors of the directive or the officers of the USCCB. Nor, of course, his own bishop, who was leading the opposition. 

We do not pause to elaborate on the emptiness of this claim, untethered as it is to either the language of the directive or its purpose, since the significance of this episode now is the stress Father Jenkins laid on the importance of the bishops’ warning when a Catholic is involved. 

It is certainly true that the scandal of honoring persons at war with fundamental Church teachings is heightened when the honoree is Catholic, especially when he is the most prominent public figure in the land who “places his faith front and center,” threatening  to “shove my rosary beads down the throat” of anyone who says otherwise. 

(The most recent example: The widely reproduced photo of President Biden displaying his dead son’s  rosary to the President of Mexico to show his devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe – who is, we note, not incidentally, pregnant in the famous image.)

The Equal Protection Act and Abortion

In our recent description  of the Equality Act, which Biden is championing and that recently passed in the House of Representatives, we emphasized the trampling of religious liberty that is its most obvious purpose. Because we paid somewhat less attention to the bill’s equally invidious pro-abortion features, we now briefly revisit those features because we agree with the author of a recent analysis of the bill that they “deserve much more attention” than they have received. 

The article is  “The Abortion Extremism of the Equality Act,” and its author is Ed Mechmann, the Director of Public Policy for the Archdiocese of New York.  

We refer the readers, and particularly the lawyers among them, to Mr. Mechmann’s explanation of how the interplay of various provisions of the Act and related legislation would fuel the country’s abortion abattoir. Here are the author’s unnerving conclusions: 

[E]very Catholic parish or school would have to . . . pay for [abortions] in their health insurance. Catholic doctors and hospitals couldn’t refuse to do abortions or refer for them. Even pregnancy centers would have to refer for abortions. If we refuse, we will be vulnerable to enforcement actions by the EEOC and other federal agencies that could impose ruinous penalties. We would also be subject to private civil rights lawsuits from individuals who claim to have been discriminated against. Just think of how many pro-abortion advocates and lawyers would be lining up to sue us.

For a more comprehensive study, see the impressive Charlotte Lozier Institute study that we cited in our earlier bulletin. Its author is Richard Doerflinger, one of the nation’s leading experts on abortion legislation and for many years the USCCB’s point man on the subject. 

His conclusion:

 [T]his bill attacks the lives of countless unborn children, endangers Catholic and other pro-life health care providers, provides a basis for challenging all state and federal limits on public funding of abortion, and treats religious believers as second-class citizens who must violate their fundamental moral convictions to serve the goals of the pro-abortion movement.

Surely it should be a rhetorical question whether the nation’s most prominent Catholic university should honor the nation’s most powerful public figure who  promotes legislation like this — especially when he is a Catholic!

Conclusion – Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

Father Jenkins would be well advised to reflect on the criticism by Notre Dame’s bishop, the Most Rev. Kevin C. Rhoades, of his decision to award the Laetare Medal to Biden in 2016. Bishop Rhoades summarized by declaring:

The Catholic Church has continually urged public officials, especially Catholics, of the grave and clear obligation to oppose any law that supports or facilitates abortion or that undermines the authentic meaning of marriage. I disagree with awarding someone for ‘outstanding service to the Church and society’ who has not been faithful to this obligation (emphasis added).

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24 Responses to “Biden, Abortion, and Notre Dame Commencement Redux”

  1. Kevin Callahan March 24, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Today I received an article from Notre Dame about the recipient for this year’s Laetare Medal. Carla Harris appears to be a worthy choice. However, if you read the entire article, the last paragraph mentions a number of recipients. Notably absent is any mention that one recipient is President of the United States. Did Fr. Jenkins just blink?

  2. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 16, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Derriss’ comments resonate with me and focus me on the words used by the apologists for Biden. Both on this thread used “empathy.” Old Lunch-bucket Biden never struck me as empathetic in the least–how is that becoming the dog-whistle for him now? I can think of very few politicians I would label selfless–perhaps having to go back as far as Truman. Virtually all in modern days know how to feather their own nest at the expense of the public and by clever investing. (Oddly, I think two of the ones who came closest were Trump and Perot–as both invested large personal sums,and took losses, trying to serve.) As for Biden’s claims of integrity and honor they ring hollow and tinny–especially on abortion and on sweetheart deals for his brother and his son. (I know there has to be a good Appalachian maxim or joke about his son, but I can’t quite craft it…”Some dogs cain’t hunt–but that Hunter can sure dog!”

  3. >Mr.Gallivan says it so well:
    >Joe Biden brings empathy, morality, humanity and selflessness to a nation bereft of all those sensitivities. Notre Dame shines
    >in welcoming this great American back. May his shadow eclipse the ridiculous rants of Sycamore sycophants.

    Empathy? Like all the times he said he’d physically strike people? How he treated Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas? The guy is a bully – which means that deep down he’s an insecure coward.

    Morality? Creepy Joe is a plagiarist. He’s a dunce who cheated in law school and still managed to graduate in the bottom fifth of his class at an also-ran university.

    Humanity? What about “abortion on demand” do you not understand?

    Selflessness? OK, you’re right on that point. He was fine with sharing his political graft with his brother and cokehead son.

    Send Joe Bidet back to Delaware so he can play with his illegitimate grandkid while her mom is at work dancing on the pole.

  4. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 15, 2021 at 7:46 am

    For John McNamara & All: Regarding Father Ted…”Johnnie, Johnnie, we barely knew him.” From personal vignettes and memories I would love to contest or dispute what Brother John has written–yet I cannot,in mind and conscience, do so. I will add a few reflections. Father Ted was a good priest, a man of Faith and a man’s man. Prayers, especially praying the Mass, were truly “core to his coeur.” Still, I regularly pray for his soul to be released from Purgatory. He was one of the heroes of my youth, and my Faith, of whom I later learned reasons to find less heroic. (“Sure the CSC could well have used the clay from his feet to fashion more bricks for opulent buildings on campus.”) My final memory is of a very intimate private Mass in the chapel off his office in the Hesburgh Library with 5 in attendance including Father Ted presiding, his secretary, a young graduate named Peter, myself and my 13-year old son Michael Sean–a devout and devoted altar server having by then served over 300 masses. (Not knowing this Father simply assumed and announced to Michael, “You will assist me” in a directive tone with merely a polite hint of a question.) Father Ted maintained a nightly “suicide prevention vigil” in his lighted office. Father Ted kept our campus safe when Kent State evidenced the dangers of the days. I loved and respected that mortal priest. I harbor no ill-will or disrespect for those who saw him differently. Steve

  5. Barbara McNamara March 14, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    Steve Martinek writes, “…Here’s my “compromise position,” “If you want to cede away your right to self defense, and your right to dissent, and your right to express your views and opinions, and the right to live your religion and to follow your conscience, and if you want to forfeit your immortal soul by endorsing and participating in infanticide in and near the womb–don’t frickin’ ask me to join you and to be civil about your intent to impose your views on our society, our culture, and me and my family.””


    As for his idea of filing a canon law complaint to enjoin the “University either from using the label “Catholic” or the name and title of “Our Lady, Notre Dame”, what say you, Mr. Bill Dempsey?

    • John T Riely, ND 1981 March 14, 2021 at 2:42 pm

      I see where ND announced this am the recepient of this year’s Laterae Medal. I offer my congratulations to Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley and her chuch choir. I do not know her or know of her but she seems a worthy receipient. I write only to note that to my way of thinking this year the choice was so obvious and clear. Justice Barrett’s life and resume seem to be the very definition of what is called for in the criteria for Latarae. She is however a devout, pro life Catholic and to a dullard like Jenkins that likely disqaualifies her. Jenkins is of course the high priest of political correctness and to the hard left and he dare not offend his liberal constituency.

      • Fr. Jenkins was quite likely chosen by Father Hesburgh and Hesburgh may have seen things in Jenkins that reminded Hesburgh of himself. One may have been a strong desire to re-write the Catholic faith to fit into modern American society, not realizing that the Catholic faith is eternal, while the world goes through phases around the Church. Another factor was that Hesburgh didn’t like to have rivals at Notre Dame, such as Frank Leahy or Fr. Patrick Peyton, CSC, also known as “Father Rosary” and the man that coined the phrase “the family that prays together, stays together”. When Hesburgh became president, Frank Leahy had already been the football coach for several years and had already won national championships. Hesburgh decided to cut football scholarships, making things a great deal harder for Frank Leahy and leaned on Leahy to resign. With Father Rosary, Hesburgh was jealous that Peyton made many appearances with Hollywood celebrities and was traveling the world giving large assemblies focused on encouraging prayer of the Rosary, particularly in S.E. Asia and Latin America. Hesburgh tried to undermine Fr. Rosary by making a complaint that much of Fr. Peyton’s travels were being funded by the CIA, though Hesburgh had no problem with his protege, Dr. Tom Dooley, spying for the CIA in SE Asia, while reportedly handing out expired medicine to the locals. Hesburgh had a statue built for Dooley in the Grotto and the homosexual student group at ND is named after Dr. Tom Dooley. Father Peyton is a Holy Cross priest who was a student at ND and Moreau Seminary and has taken a step towards becoming a saint by being named “Venerable” by Pope Francis, but you’d have to look long and hard to find a student at Notre Dame who has heard of Fr. Peyton or any public recognition of Fr. Peyton at Notre Dame, or should I say “Hesburgh University”.

        For Jenkins to invite Notre Dame’s first United States Supreme Court justice to speak at Notre Dame, particularly a conservative pro-life justice, would require Jenkins to swallow a large dose of humility and possibly endure the indignity of Coney-Barrett being called Notre Dame’s most accomplished or greatest graduate in Jenkins presence or in newspaper reports. Coney-Barrett would probably have a true Catholic message to deliver to graduates and her words would probably outshine anything said by Jenkin at graduation and he’d feel heat from other university presidents, possibly at places like Duke UNC, Wake Forest and Virginia. If Jenkins invites sleepy Joe to speak at graduation, he gets kudos from fellow liberals, he has no worry about being outshined by anything Biden has to say, the only thing he has to worry about is Biden forgetting what he’s talking about in the middle of graduation or sniffing some undergraduate’s hair while whispering in her ear, which the media will certainly leave on the editorial cutting room floor. The fact that Jenkins isn’t choosing Coney-Barrett for the Laetare medal or for graduation speaker silently speaks loudly about Jenkins vanity, ego and insecurity. The same applies to Jenkin’s failure to consider Sr. Dierdre Byrne, a former Army doctor and nun, who gave a wonderful pro-life speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

        • John T Riely, ND 1981 March 16, 2021 at 5:15 pm

          You are probably right but in doing so you paint a picture of a vain, cowardly and dishonest man and not one worthy of being ND’s president.

  6. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 13, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    Let’s raise $100,000 to finance a canon law complaint to enjoin the University either from using the label “Catholic” or the name and title of “Our Lady, Notre Dame.” Let them re-name her “Secular Humanist University du Lac.”

  7. You Domers are starting to get a sense of how you have been played by the University and its corrupt infrastructure. As usual you will do do nothing,

  8. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 13, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    First, genuine gratitude and respect to Barbara McNamara–Thank You and God bless You. Despite the narrow-minded and shallow views and vitriol of some, I am glad to see some contention as it permits me to comment on the disingenuous calls for “civility and compromise” we always hear from the Left. (In fact, that was the motivation behind Jenk’s award of the Laetare medal to Biden and Boehner. He used our beloved University to honor men lacking in integrity or convictions.) What the Left means and wants when they use the call for civility is “capitulation in evil and socialism.” We would be ill-advised to ever compromise with the evil of abortion, or repression of freedom of religion, or speech, or association–or the right to bear arms. Here’s my “compromise position,” “If you want to cede away your right to self defense, and your right to dissent, and your right to express your views and opinions, and the right to live your religion and to follow your conscience, and if you want to forfeit your immortal soul by endorsing and participating in infanticide in and near the womb–don’t frickin’ ask me to join you and to be civil about your intent to impose your views on our society, our culture, and me and my family.”

  9. Barbara McNamara March 13, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    John McNamara’s (no relation to me) response to Michael Gallivan was spot-on, as was Steve Martinek’s response to Raymond Patnaude. I would add only that Gallivan using a phrase like “the eternal fitness of things” is so vague as to be virtually meaningless. In addition, even though “Sycamore sycophants” is an example of alliteration, and that can be the only reason he used the word, i.e. it sounded good, it makes NO sense in describing the Sycamore Trust. Lastly, James Shapiro’s accusation of racism against Mr. Martinek for his comment on Mr. Jenkins is typical Leftist garbage which gets thrown around every time they simply have no rational argument to make.

  10. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 13, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    Raymond: The Jenk has provided ample conclusive proof what he would fight for–and it isn’t Catholic dogma, Truth, or life, or religious freedom. He fought his Bishop, and many other Bishops, and loyal ND alums, and fine men like Professors Rice and McInerny, and loyal Catholic students for the dubious privilege of honoring the most pro-abortion and anti-Catholic President in history, Obama, and now that Biden is proving himself worse, on both counts, Jenk can’t wait to honor him again. Jenk agreed to fight against history by obscuring our historic tribute to the founder of our land. Jenk fights our legacy and our traditional and conventional values at Our Lady’s University. Oh, have no doubts, he’s a fightin’ man he is–just not on our side. (PS If it makes me a racist to denounce BLM as a racist hate-filled terrorist group, along with Antifa–please send me membership card.) Steve ’71, ’74

  11. Raymond Patnaude March 13, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    Biden’s signing of this law makes all Catholic taxpayers complicit in the financing of such businesses as Planned Parenthood and its many extermination centers across this nation and around the world. For a Catholic University to honor such a person, claimed Catholic or not, is an abomination.

    We were told by Biden that in this election “we were in a fight for the soul of our nation”, and I believe that to be true. True Catholics adhere to Catholic doctrine. As such Catholics fight for human life from the moment it is conceived and imbued with a God-given soul. As a Fighting Irish Notre Dame grad from the 60’s, this is what I fight for. Fr. Jenkins, “What would you fight for?”

  12. James Shapiro '52 March 13, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    Mr Martinek has revealed his racism by his criticism of Fr Jenkins. Mr Mitchell is apparently buying weapons to defend against the Democrats. There is little doubt that the Scyamore advocacy organization would prefer Donald Trump as president even after his post election efforts to overturn the election. He was the most immoral and dishonest president in the history of our country who caused the death of thousands of people because of his secreting of the seriousness of the virus.

    Mr.Gallivan says it so well:
    Joe Biden brings empathy, morality, humanity and selflessness to a nation bereft of all those sensitivities. Notre Dame shines in welcoming this great American back. May his shadow eclipse the ridiculous rants of Sycamore sycophants.

    PS: I wonder if any of the Trump supporters lost a friend or family member to the virus.

  13. Martinez’s comment about cloaking images of Jesus & saints already occurred, when former President Obama spoke at Georgetown University, crucifix(es) were covered. Was that not a condition of his speaking there?
    (So much for a Catholic university actually living its Catholic mission, faith & identity. Perhaps university leaders can be required to read Ex Corde Ecclesiae every year they are serving at a Catholic ministry.)

  14. Margaret Schous March 13, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Dear Fr. Jenkins,
    It is my hope that you can move beyond the political and social pressure surrounding a decision about honoring President Joe Biden, and return to the fundamental guide we follow as Catholics, The Ten Commandments. President Biden’s support of abortion is a direct offense against the Fifth Commandment, commanding us not to kill what He has created. This alone, places President Biden in direct opposition with that which we as Catholics profess to believe and hold sacred.
    Seemingly unsatisfied with this offense, President Biden brazenly presents himself as a devout Catholic. This is surely a grave affront to God’s Second Commandment, warning us not to take His name in vain. President Biden has a broad audience and to it, makes clear his position on these matters. Notre Dame, the University of Our Lady, has a broad audience. The decision of whether or not to honor President Biden will make clear her position on these matters.

  15. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 13, 2021 at 10:15 am

    Following on Thunder’s comment…The Left (in politics, in the media, in education, in Catholic education, and in religion and the Catholic Church) have long been strategically skilled at assuring ascendance of their views and theories and idiocies, by first capturing the narrative. How are shallow-thinking weak pols to be expected to advocate against “Equality Act” or the “Affordable Care Act” or against the legal right to “Choose” or against a campaign and effort to “Save the Planet from man’ creation of Global Warming and Climate Change?” Without journalistic integrity and independence in the media, the Right (thinkers and values) have no chance of ultimate or eventual success in defending against the onslaughts, obfuscation, perfidy and venality of the Left.

  16. I read the Feb 23 letter of the five USCCB committee chairmen on the “Equality Act.” I was surprised that the bishops had not allied themselves with many other like-minded denominations since (1) this is not a Catholic issue, and (2) a united front is needed. All of the allied denominations should inform the Senators and Representatives that anyone voting for the bill as written will automatically cause the groups immediately to disavow, repudiate, break off relations, with them. Thus, for example, for those who hold themselves out as Catholic will be excommunicated. (And let this be a warning to a president who signs such a bill into law.)

  17. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 13, 2021 at 9:11 am

    Sure and Gallivan simply had to be writing sarcastically or sardonically with ironic-ink–no?

  18. Michael Gallivan March 12, 2021 at 11:01 pm

    Dear Father Jenkins – How great a World University you represent to re-invite now President Joe Biden to speak at Notre Dame. Our Lady’s University was clairvoyant in awarding the Laetare Medal to this humanitarian who is rapidly returning the United States to civility after the scourge of the last four years. Pay no attention to the Sycamore Trust who models its morality after the debacle of the previous presidency. A one-dimensional blind institution, there is no sense in the Sycamores of the eternal fitness of things. Joe Biden brings empathy, morality, humanity and selflessness to a nation bereft of all those sensitivities. Notre Dame shines in welcoming this great American back. May his shadow eclipse the ridiculous rants of Sycamore sycophants.

    • Michael Gallivan- I think you may have accidentally had your tin foil hat on too tight last night while writing your comment.
      Whether Notre Dame is still the University of Our Lady of the Lake or now “World University”, as you ironically call it, or “Hesburgh University”, is up for much debate. As Catholics we pass through this world hopefully in the service of God on our way back to God in Heaven.

      You write that awarding Biden the Laetare Medal was clairvoyant. According to Wikipedia “Clairvoyance is the claimed ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.” I think you are right Michael, the decision to award Biden the Laetare Medal for exemplifying the Catholic faith must have been based on a belief in a phony science like extrasensory perception (ESP), or maybe even a chance meeting between Fr. Jenkins and Bigfoot at the Grotto.

      A University of Our Lady wouldn’t support the slaughter of unborn children through dismemberment or injection of saline solution into a babies skull, particularly moments before birth, but Planned Parenthood and Joe Biden do. A University of Our Lady wouldn’t support the murder of ANYONE, young or old, or give comfort or accolades to someone who facilitates murder.

      A University of Our Lady wouldn’t honor a charlatan who got caught plagiarizing in both law school and on the campaign trail in the 1988 presidential election, because Our Lady was the mother of The Word and The Truth, not the frequent ability to lie or take others work without remorse.

      A University of Our Lady wouldn’t honor a man who has habitually touched or sniffed women inappropriately and may have assaulted a woman working in his office in the corridors of the U.S. Capital, because the Catholic faith is about being kind to others and following the Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Michael, would you want Joe Biden touching you or your mother inappropriately and then have Notre Dame give him an honorary degree? Really?? There are pictures of Biden and video on line of some of this previous behavior by Biden towards women and girls, but you probably already knew this with your ESP.

      A University of Our Lady, that frequently promotes the phrase “God, County, Notre Dame” wouldn’t honor a man who has been taking money from the Chinese Communist Party through his son or from any other foreign government, because it is a betrayal of our country and shows a serious lack of integrity, particularly when receiving money from a nation that is aggressively building up it’s military, possibly to invade Taiwan, and uses children and ethnic minorities, like the Uighurs, as slave labor, and mandates abortion after a family has had one child.

      A university of Our Lady wouldn’t honor a man who would sign legislation forcing religious institutions to pay for abortions or forcing religions to compromise their centuries old beliefs about the sanctity of life and the sanctity of family, not to mention, their freedom of speech and assembly, but Joe Biden believes in these things. Joe Biden and Barack Obama had the Dept. of HHS sue Mother Teresa’s Little Sisters of the Poor in the Tenth Circuit, during the Obama administration to try to force the Little Sisters to pay for abortions. The Little Sisters were stronger and more determined and faithful than Fr. Jenkins, who probably views the University of Our Lady more as “world university” or Hesburgh University”.

      A University of Our Lady wouldn’t honor a man who has stayed conspicuously silent when it was discovered that high ranking officials in the Democrat Party that Joe Biden leads, wore blackface and possibly a Klan uniform in their college yearbook, like Virginia governor Ralph Northam, or inappropriately touched and allegedly fondled young women employees, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who may have also caused the death of thousands of New Yorkers, by requiring COVID patients to be placed in nursing homes, rather than the hospital ship Donald Trump sent to New York Harbor, or the temporary hospitals Trump had built in Central Park and the Javits Center.

      Michael, you sound like a liberal guy, as you call the Sycamore Trust a “one-dimensional, blind institution” that fails to see “the eternal fitness of things”. The “eternal fitness of things” sounds strikingly like “the force” from Star Wars, and while Star Wars and Yoda may be quite entertaining, most Catholics would prefer to get their life’s purpose and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, with all due respect. Michael, as a liberal, doesn’t baby killing, fondling women, killing seniors forcing Mother Teresa’s sisters to pay for abortions, plagiarism, and selling out your country for money from a country that forces abortions and uses slave labor bother you, or are you one of these liberals like Gavin Newsome and Nancy Pelosi that believes in “rules for thee, but not for me?’ I may have been too sarcastic at some points in responding to you, but you offer no evidence of the Sycamore trust being one-dimensional and blind. I hope this comment has opened YOUR eyes to who and what you and Fr. Jenkins are supporting by possibly honoring Joe Biden, the guy too afraid or too weak to give a State of the Union address, let alone a college graduation speech. My God bless you and cause you to think about some things.

  19. Daniel P. Mitchell March 12, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    Jesus said love your enemies. Meaning pray for their conversion to the realization we are all connected through Jesus to all of creation. Unfortunately those of us who are not that transformed are buying weapons. Private gun sales are at an all time high in America. In 1860 we learned that a highly charged emotional issue can cause humans to respond with the opposite of love and prayer. Let’s pray that the Democrats do not try and jamn abortion down the throats of Catholics with legalism. It will not end well in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I know the Democrats want us to be the land of the regulated and home of the compliant. Lets us pray daily for sanity from the abortion crowd.

  20. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) March 12, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    Nothing will dissuade Jenkins from his planned perfidy. He panders to BLM and to the Left and secular humanists. He caved to the PC cancel culture and shrouded the Columbus murals. We should call for the University to drape or cloak all statues and images of Mary or Jesus or any saints or faithful priests as appropriate preparation for honoring Biden at commencement.

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