Supporting Amy Coney Barrett

Notre Dame Law School alumni support Amy Coney Barrett
.@NDLaw alumni act now to show your support for @JudgeAmyBarrett s nomination by adding your signature to a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet

To the Senate Judiciary Committee

As we have said before, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is, in all respects, an estimable candidate for the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Her confirmation would do great honor to Notre Dame’s law school and to the entire Notre Dame community. If you are a Notre Dame law school alumnus/a, we urge you to show your support for Judge Barrett’s confirmation by signing the letter below to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lindsey Graham, and Ranking Member, Dianne Feinstein — and to do so promptly because there is a very short fuse on this project. 

To read the letter and add your name to it, please click on the image below.

Notre Dame Law School alumni to the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting Amy Coney Barrett

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3 Responses to “Supporting Amy Coney Barrett”

  1. Dr Dee McGonigle October 11, 2020 at 6:35 am

    Dee J McGonigle, MD Notre Dame graduate, 1952.

    For Mrs. Feinstein
    I had my Surgical Training, residency (1959 -1964), at the University of California, San Francisco under Leon Goldman, Yes your father, a man I admired and who was very good to me. I pray that you will be your father’s daughter, a daughter he would be proud of, during this coming hearing.

    Dee McGonigle, MD

    PS Lindsey Graham: I admire you and all the great work you have done for our country. May God bless you.

  2. John Alan O'Toole October 11, 2020 at 1:29 am

    I support Amy Barrett. However, I am not an NDLS graduate. I am only an ND undergrad alumnus ‘72. I went to The Ohio State Law School. I have also written to each of my state’s (Minnesota) two senators expressing my support for Judge Barrett. Sadly, each of these two women senators are strongly opposed to her nomination. Tina Smith, who is running for re-election, did not get my mail-in vote!

  3. John J Kane, M.D. class of 67

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