Sycamore Decade

Sycamore Decade

Sycamore Decade is open to Notre Dame students who are in their final semester and alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years. Their projects center on a shared Catholic faith with the purpose of building community among young Notre Dame alumni around the world and promoting activities that both support Catholic identity organizations on campus and that assist Sycamore’s effort to bring about an authentic Catholic renewal at Notre Dame.

Under the governance of the Sycamore Trust Board of Directors and with the active stewardship of a 28-member Leadership Team, Sycamore Decade provides:

  • A space to openly discuss the counter-cultural view of Catholicism in light of the censoring and silencing climate of woke workplaces.
  • Support for student activities that opportunities to influence university decisions to strengthen Notre Dame’s Catholic identity.
  • A means to introduce first year students to campus resources that reflect Notre Dame’s Catholic identity and to the communities of students and faculty that make them available.
  • Opportunities for dispersed alumni to connect through shared devotions and enriching content developed by alumni.

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