Contraceptive Culture Petition – Thank You

Thank You for Signing Our Petition

Objecting to Father Jenkins’s “Contraceptive Culture”

Join #SycamoreTrust in opposing Fr. Jenkins's ''contraceptive culture'' at #NotreDame, a seedbed for abortions, as St. John Paul II warned, and a repudiation of the school’s claim in court of fidelity to Catholic teaching. Click To Tweet

Spread the Word

Sycamore Trust is a grassroots effort and relies on the personal networks of our supporters to help spread the word.  Please let others, who you think might be interested in standing tall for the truth of Catholicism, know about our petition objecting to Fr. Jenkins’s contraceptive culture at Notre Dame.


Contact the Fellows and Trustees

You may also wish to contact the Fellows and Trustees independent of this petition. If so, you can find the contact information for most here.

Alumni Attorneys

If you are a Notre Dame alumni who is also an attorney, you may want to have your name added to an open letter to Father Jenkins about what appears to be abuse by the University of the judicial process in its legal challenge to the Obamacare abortifacient/contraceptive mandate. The letter is posted here and can be downloaded below.

Download Letter
Notre Dame alumni attorneys who would like to join this letter should email with their Notre Dame class year and the name and class year of their law school.