Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to add your signature to our open letter to Rev. Olinger urging him to correct his office’s anti-Catholic training and related questionnaire on sex and gender for first-year students. If you know others who might be interested in doing the same, we urge you to forward to them the following email. Or use this sample email link to open the text in your desktop mail application.

Please join me by adding your signature to an open letter to Notre Dame Student Affairs’ Vice President, Rev. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C., urging him to correct his office’s anti-Catholic mandatory training for first-year students on gender, sex, and marriage. Not only does the training take advantage of his priestly vocation to contradict Church teaching on important moral issues of the day, but Rev. Olinger has subsequently refused to answer questions about the training and a related questionnaire put to him by the independent student publication, The Irish Rover, thereby abandoning his responsibilities as Vice President of Student Affairs with its specific care over the community of students at a Catholic institution charged with the moral formation of its students. It constitutes scandal of the first order.

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