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The Hesburgh Phenomenon

Fr. Bill Miscamble’s biography of Fr. Ted Hesburgh describes his good works but also his lasting influence in draining “Catholic” from “Catholic university" in #AmericanPriest #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet The Hesburgh Phenomenon by William Dempsey (Reprinted with permission from The Catholic Thing, copyright reserved.) Saturday, April 27, 2019 In the pantheon of Notre Dame superheroes, Read More

Follow The Leader

On Tuesday, July 31, Bill Dempsey sent the following letter respecting the McCarrick affair to Father Jenkins and the other Fellows of the University on behalf of the officers and trustees of Sycamore Trust: Call To Action If you agree, we hope you will second our request to revoke the honorary degree Notre Dame awarded Read More

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness!

In our current bulletin, we reproduce a letter we have sent to the University of Notre Dame Trustees submitting a petition from alumni and friends urging them to end the provision of abortifacients to students and employees and to reverse Father Jenkins’s decision to include contraceptives in Notre Dame’s health plans for students and employees. Read More

2018 Student Award Recipients

Every year at our Annual Breakfast during Reunion Weekend we recognize undergraduates who have made an outstanding contribution to strengthening Notre Dame’s Catholic identity. The award comes with a donation made in their names to a campus group of their choice. This year’s recipients are Sarah Drumm, ’18, and Sarah Ortiz, ’19. The video below about Read More

School For Scandal

Notre Dame had it right in its lawsuit against the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. There, Dr. John Affleck-Graves, the University’s Executive Vice President, swore to the court that compliance with the mandate would “violate Notre Dame’s religious beliefs” because it would cause scandal, especially to its students: Therefore, he concluded: Now, in a stupefying pivot, Father Jenkins Read More

Statement of Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

Regarding the Notre Dame Decision on Contraceptive Coverage “I strongly support the decision of the University of Notre Dame to stop the government-funded provision, through its third party administrator, of abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures. I am also happy that the University will provide natural family planning services in its insurance plans. At the same Read More

Just Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

Just as Notre Dame’s response to the Obamacare abortifcient/contraceptive mandate began with misrepresentations to the courts, as we recounted in our last bulletin, so does it continue with misrepresentations to everyone else. While the administration tries to lay responsibility on its insurers for the provision of free abortifacients and contraceptives to its students and employees, Read More