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On Tuesday, July 31, Bill Dempsey sent the following letter respecting the McCarrick affair to Father Jenkins and the other Fellows of the University on behalf of the officers and trustees of Sycamore Trust:

Dear Father Jenkins,

On behalf of the officers and trustees of Sycamore Trust, I write to urge the swift revocation of the honorary degree Notre Dame awarded Archbishop Theodore McCarrick in 2008.

There is no time to waste. Other Catholic schools will surely soon follow Fordham University and The Catholic University of America in revoking their honorary degrees. The headline two days ago was “It’s 9 am, Is McCarrick still a Doctor of Laws at ND?”  Notre Dame should be seen as a leader, not a laggard, in this important matter.

Very truly yours,

William Dempsey

cc: Fellows of the University

Call To Action

If you agree, we hope you will second our request to revoke the honorary degree Notre Dame awarded to Archbishop McCarrick with your own message to Father Jenkins and the other Fellows of the University, who hold ultimate authority over Notre Dame.

Sample Message

Dear Father Jenkins,

Notre Dame should follow the example of The Catholic University of America and Fordham University by promptly revoking the honorary degree it awarded to Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. If it fails to do so, it will seriously damage its reputation as the nation’s leading Catholic university. Surely Archbishop McCarrick is no more deserving of Notre Dame’s forbearance than was Bill Cosby.

cc: Fellows of the University

Desktop Applications

If you use a desktop email application, click here to open the sample message to Father Jenkins and the other Fellows.

Individual addresses

If you prefer to send individual messages to Father Jenkins and to the Fellows, the addresses are below.

Rev. John I. Jenkins

Rev. Jose Ahumada C.S.C.

John Brennan

Rev. Austin Collins, C.S.C.

William M. Goodyear

Hon. Diana Lewis

Rev. William Lies, C.S.C.

Richard Notebaert

Martin W. Rodgers

Rev. John Ryan, C.S.C.

Rev. Timothy R. Scully

Timothy F. Sutherland

Join Our Petition Opposing Father Jenkins’s “Contraceptive Culture.”

This is the fourth time Fr. Jenkins has publicly brushed off the objections of his and the University’s bishop. Recall The Vagina Monologues and Queer Film Festival and the honoring of President Obama and Vice President Biden. It is time for all alarmed by the growing breach between Notre Dame and the Church to speak up.

We invite all members of the Notre Dame community – alumni, students, family, faculty, staff – and all concerned Catholics to join the petition we have prepared urging the Fellows and the Trustees to maintain the existing exclusion of contraceptives from Notre Dame’s policies and to end promptly the provision and subsidy of abortifacients.


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  1. Catholic University of America is waaayy ahead of Notre Dame on this. CUA sent an e-mail to all alumni on July 30, after having already revoked their degree and providing an address to submit questions regarding the situation. CUA has a better president, John Garvey, a layman and the former dean of BC’s law school, than Notre Dame has. But then again, CUA knew how to handle a heretic priest (Fr. Charles Curran) that was breaking with the Church on Catholic doctrine, rather than leaving a heretic Catholic priest, a priest who has done nothing about a reported sexual assault problem on campus, and a guy who allowed the University to dishonestly misrepresent itself in federal court, as president of the university. CUA DOES have SOME standards, you know.

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