Notre Dame’s Non-Heteronormative Welcome Week

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In our last two bulletins, we cited the University’s embrace of Pride Month and the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s establishment of an official alumni LGBTQ “affinity group” as evidence of a cultural shift at the University from treatment of homosexuals with “respect and compassion,” which the Church demands, toward acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexual sex, which the Church condemns. We now continue this analysis with a report on how the administration’s approach to “diversity and inclusion” in Welcome Week for freshmen has reflected this subversion of Church teaching.

For the most part, we rely on an Irish Rover report about Welcome Week, but we open with a related Notre Dame Observer report about a revelatory change in the Welcome Week program.

Welcome Week’s “Inclusivity” and “Allyship” Messaging

Welcome Week and its companion Kickoff ND! introduce the University to freshmen with a series of events and activities such as the Debartolo Performing Arts Center “Art Attack,” which promoted its “arts crawl” for students with the profane collage below.

One tradition of Welcome Week has been song and dance numbers –“serenades” – composed by freshmen of the various dormitories and performed for each other.

But not this year. Lauren Donahue of the Division of Student Affairs and Program Director for New Student Engagement ruled them out because past serenades have conveyed “heteronormative messages that created an unwelcoming or awkward environment for many students.”

Messages, that is, reflecting the view that “heterosexuality is the only normal and natural expression of sexuality.”

Thus, Ms. Donahue followed Gender Studies, student government, the Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, the Gay and Lesbian Alumni Club of Notre Dame, and their allies in opposition to a heteronormative Notre Dame in ways we have recorded.

“Kind of a bummer,” declared an evidently heteronormative female student and Welcome Week planner.


The Heteronormative Catholic Church

To the extent that Notre Dame is not heteronormative, it is not Catholic. “Homosexual acts,” the Church teaches, are “acts of grave depravity” that are “intrinsically disordered” and “contrary to the natural law,” and accordingly “Under no circumstances can they be approved.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2537)

The Church’s related and essential instruction that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” and that “every sign of unjust discrimination should be avoided” guides individuals and institutions in how to act toward homosexuals, but it does not make its fundamental teaching any less heteronormative.

“Inclusivity and Diversity” Subverting Catholic Identity

Now we turn to the Irish Rover investigative report on the training of the students serving on the Welcome Week committees, where we again meet Ms. Donahue, the co-director of the committees.

We commend to you the entire article, which we reproduce in the Appendix with the permission of The Irish Rover, for a detailed account of the training provided students on the committee by Ms. Donahue and her associate Andrew Whittington. In sum, the report recounts how, according to a number of student participants, the instructors’ single-minded dedication to “inclusivity and diversity” subverted an introduction to Notre Dame’s Catholic identity for fear it would offend.

One student reported, for example:

I can’t recall one time when the word “Catholic” was said without a negative connotation…[T]he majority of the time spent considering Catholicism was when dealing with how to make others not feel uncomfortable by the Catholic identity of Notre Dame. The only real goals…were to be inclusive (have inclusive thoughts, use inclusive language) and to be an ‘ally’ to others.

Another student:

The committee’s purpose has been presented to us as more of a “woke” collection of students who are meant to spread the message of our secular culture that embraces relativistic acceptance with no holds barred.

She added:

Our training included an exhaustive list of rules, such as wearing BLM or ally pins and not assuming gender.

And LGBTQ pins as well, according to another student:

I’m being asked to wear visible signs of my allyship—not to Catholic teaching, but to an allyship with the LGBTQ+ movement, despite the numerous conflicting views between the two that have not been addressed.

Again, another student:

I believe the committee as a whole seeks to severely minimize the Catholic identity of the University in a well-intentioned yet destructive effort to preemptively pursue the comfort of non-Catholic new students.

Concurring, another student added:

There was never any conversation…on how to promote and uphold the Catholic mission of the school. At Notre Dame, especially when trying to display our values (which is the goal of the committee), we ought to celebrate the Catholic tradition and mission of the University, not ‘deal’ with it.

Finally, the student who noted she had been encouraged to wear a symbol showing she was an LGBTQ ally told the Rover that the instruction warning against assuming anything about a student’s religion “suppresses any kind of conversation surrounding our Catholic identity and how students who attend Notre Dame are going to be engaging with Catholicism on some level.”

She continued:

The training we received did offer a history lesson of the founding of Holy Cross and the holiness of St. Andre Bessette, but it immediately used this as a springboard into our two pillars of “allyship” and “inclusion” that had no visible anchoring in Catholic teachings, and instead advocated for inclusion seemingly at the expense of our identity as a Catholic institution. I feel little support for any programming that would introduce students to the Catholic character of the university.


While there were a few Catholic events during a packed week largely devoted to orientation, social gatherings, and entertainment – a Mass, a visit to the Grotto, a retreat – none countered the message that the University’s dedication to “inclusion” trumps its dedication to Catholic doctrine. To the contrary, the events included a “LGBT Welcome Back Picnic” and a “Trivia Night” about Schitt’s Creek, a TV show praised as “a role model for queer families.”

More generally, if the students assigned to accompany the freshmen during the week do not seem to cherish the Catholic character of the school, they will not inspire the Catholic freshmen to participate in the life of the Church or the non-Catholics to respect it.

In sum, the Welcome Week episode is one more example of the way in which the “diversity and inclusion” campaign that has swiftly come to dominate higher education can undermine the Catholic identity and mission of the University of Notre Dame.


Storytelling and Welcome Week

The University has recently sent a volley of gift solicitations in the form of short and hopefully appealing stories about Notre Dame. At least two recent messages were about Welcome Week, one signed by parents of an alumnus. Learning one of the parents might be a university officer, we asked. Understandably but regrettably, there was no response. He is in fact Associate Vice President, Development, for Storytelling and Engagement. (Did they test market that title? Just asking.)

Students voice concerns about restructured Welcome Week

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57 Responses to “Notre Dame’s Non-Heteronormative Welcome Week”

  1. Poor Steve, A victim of his own stereotypes and prejudices.

    Go out and meet real live LGBT people, their families and friends.

    Go to an LGBT Pride parade or event.

    Maybe then you will have a clue. Meanwhile, get a grip.

    Who are you to judge, dude?

  2. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 6, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    Christ Recalls/Reverts/Reveres/Redeems Catholics, in the Name of the Triune God, the Holy Trinity (CRC-3): Many are nominal Catholics, more properly faux-catholics like Biden, Pelosit, Kerry and others. I suspect that, if they go to Confession at all, they do so for an opportunity to tell the priest to convey up to the bishop and pope all the errors they have personally discovered regarding the dogma and tenets and truths of the Catholic faith. Any who persist in grave sin without confessing and seeking absolution have thus self-excommunicated from the Catholic Church. (Return and reversion is readily available for most in the confessional, at your convenience.) I did not ask or suggest or imply that the adoptive parents were Catholic, as you stated they were living in an unblessed and unblessable relationship. I asked whether the now-adult children you saw baptized were now or ever had been “practicing Catholics.” (Do they attend Mass and the sacraments regularly? Do they affirm the Faith of the Catholic Church without interior reservation?) I sense the need for our one-on-one to either simmer or cool until we perhaps meet again on some subsequent Sycamore thread. I earnestly pray for Our Lady and the Holy Spirit to visit and “bless your little heart.” Steve

  3. Of course, the parents were Catholics. They were baptized in their home parishes. Yes, they all remain Catholics. In case you missed it, some Catholics are LGBTs and some LGBTs are Catholics, even though the hierarchy’s unsuccessful jihad against marriage equality chased more than a few away and into the arms of the Episcopal Church and other Christian denominations.

    The agenda of LGBTs is the same as for all — life, liberty, and equality for all.

    You really need to get out of the house and meet real live LGBTs and get to know them and their families.

    Go to an LGBT Pride parade and celebration.

    You remain trapped in your own little, impoverished.

    Just “who are you to judge?” You are not paying attention to the pope, dude.

  4. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 6, 2021 at 5:41 pm

    Somehow I gained the mistaken notion you had attended the Masses and baptisms recently, rather than long enough ago for the children to now be “all grown up and happy and grateful to their parents.” It seems noteworthy that you did not mention whether these baptized adult children are still (or ever were) practicing Catholics–and whether their gratitude to their parents extends to the fact of having had them baptized. Salvation of immortal souls through sacraments, prayers and faith are not primarily matters for debate, or “contests.” The eternal significance and profundity transcends the likely shallow symbolism for those whose lives are guided, controlled and seemingly dedicated the the gay agenda. My clues are strong and my grip, while gentle, is quite secure. Steve

  5. LOL

    Well the children of those same-sex couples are now all grown up and quite happy with their lives and grateful to the parents. In one case the daughter was adopted; in the other, the birth mother had a child. You do realize that LGBT people are having their own children? Several gay male couples whom I know had children through adoption and others via surrogacy.

    You need to get out of your protective bubble in Cleveland.

    You remain clueless and with no grip on reality.

    You are the one who needs to change your ways and thinking.

    Poor Steve. Trapped in his own fallacies and a lot more.

  6. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 6, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    I am impelled to wonder, and ponder, and pray about the infants, adopted by same sex couples and then baptized as Catholics. Will they be properly catechized and raised and confirmed and affirmed and nurtured in the Catholic Faith and dogma. Do the god-parents and the baptizing priest truly recognize their respective obligations to those infants? Was any of the focus of the ceremonies fully and properly concerned with the salvation of those two innocent souls? What will be the reaction of the adoptive parents if the children at adolescence try to calmly and empathically and rationally, and faithfully, explain that the lives of the parents and family are not consonant with biblical and Catholic teaching and values? What if one of these infants encounters and follows a vocational call to become a priest, and during study and before or after vows, reaches out to his parents in love begging them to change their ways, confess their lives of sin, and seek absolution and repent. (Miracles do occur. God even changed the heart of the nominal Plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize and honor genocidal infanticide within the womb, With God, all things are possible.) Clued and gripped–in Faith, Steve

  7. You remain clueless and without an grip on reality.

    Since coming out of the closet, LGBTs have been all about securing full civil rights. Legal and advocacy groups have spent considerable time on repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” with even now transgender folks serve in the armed services. Marriage equality has been achieved, with great success and no one’s marriage has been threatened or diminished with same-sex marriage.

    You clearly are living on a fantasy island and delusion and know nothing about LGBT issues or real live LGBT people.

    Get out and meet real life LGBT people and their families.

    More and more straight people bring their children to LGBT Pride parades and events, with their children loving to be there. They even attend drag queen story hours and enjoy them, too.

    LGBTs have lives, not “lifestyles.” The “agenda” is nearly complete, with the Equality Act next. There has been a nearly complete reversal in public opinion with respect to marriage and the military and LGBTs participation in those vital social institutions.

    LGBT life has passed your by and you live in a by-gone era of nasty stereotypes. Even the Pope is coming around. “Who am I to judge,” if you recall his saying.

    You have no grip and no clue.

    You need to get out and meet real life LGBTs, many of whom are raising children in families. And while the Catholic Church remains trapped in its dogma, other Christian denominations, including Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Lutherans, United Church of Christ, as well as Reform and Conservative Jews, are now marrying LGBTs.

    I have been to two Catholic Masses where the children of same-sex married couples have been baptized.

    Meanwhile, yours is an impoverished, narrow little world in Cleveland.

  8. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 6, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Why? I do obsess, over historic and noble virtues and values, and beloved history, traditions, and institutions–not over gays. In later life, for me, Faith and Truth have greatly eclipsed love and lust. The tenets and dogma of my Catholic Faith and religions and Church, and the patriotic values of our Nation, and the beautiful wonders and promises of education (Catholic and other) and even the sanctuary of public libraries and “story hours” have all been invaded, debauched and perverted by the “gay militia” and movement and agenda. Ever since “leaving the closet” gays have been all about display, flamboyance,and self-showcasing, literally “in the face” of all non-gays. I’m leaning strongly toward a new thesis. I no longer accept that gays are “same sex attracted.” I now see they tend more toward being “same self attracted.” They are not “into” the other gender, so they settle for intimacy with their own gender; but, in truth, they are “into self.” I see little if any actual nobility or self-sacrifice in the lifestyle or the agenda. There is my “clue” and my “grip.” Steve

  9. Steve, When have you ever attended an LGBT Pride parade or event?

    You do realize that many of the groups marching are religious ones, student groups, and supportive parents.

    Get a clue and a grip.

  10. Steve, You live in the 1950s with all sorts of misconceptions and nonsense about LGBTs.

    Why do you obsess over LGBTs?

    Are you repulsed by the flamboyance in Mardis Gras parades and displays?

  11. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 5, 2021 at 5:56 am

    Please indulge a few more comments from an old former liberal, former fallen-away and lukewarm Catholic, starting with a rhetorical with a proffered response. “Why are You here, engaged in this thread, and alive on the earth?” Simply, at the foundational level you are here because God wills it, God loves You, God wants to reach You in your pain and fear. You are here engaged because you desperately seek to prove, to yourself, the rectitude of your views and feelings; yet, there is an under-current, swift and powerful in your heart, from your soul, impelling you to face the fears you may be wrong. A very small number of men do not find women sexually attractive, and a similar number of women do not find men sexually attractive. In our hyper-sexualized modernity they then conclude, and live, as though they are same-sex attracted. In earlier times they might well have more properly seen themselves as asexual or perhaps especially gifted by God to life and fulfillment on a higher plane than sexual pursuits and pleasures.One should not conclude that gay men hate or fear women, or that gay women hate or fear men (though some in each camp may).Yet,when I am not attracted to practicing gays, and when I am repulsed by the flamboyance in pride parades and displays, I am judged as filled with hate or fear–instead of the pity I truly feel. Odd, that. Steve

  12. Steve, Well, shiver me timbers. “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a _ _ _ _._

  13. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 4, 2021 at 6:36 pm

    In remembered past, when men were men and women were women,a refined Southern belle might likely respond with a warm riposte…”Well bless your heart!”

  14. Steve, Only you would focus on the negative concerning LGBTs who enrich our nation, university, church, and culture. There are so many gay priests who keep the church running, let alone women. Go sulk in your hetero-non-normative corner and take care of the lack of chastity among the heteros under the Dome. You have a lot of work to do. There is no agenda with the exception of adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the university’s non-discrimination policy and an out LGBT trustee. We had one out in the past and one who was not out. In case you missed it: LGBTs now serve in the military openly and are married with families, raising children. You poor dear.

  15. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 4, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    “Hate” is such a mean and inapt word. I also do not have any phobia or fear of same-sex attracted people. I am saddened, hurt, and disappointed at the increasing, and increasingly adverse “devolutionary” impact the LGBTQ agenda is having on our nation, our culture, our values, our University, and our Church.

  16. Poor Steve, He reduces LGBT people to their presumed sexual activity to hold them in contempt and disdain. ARC has no position on same-sex marriage even if he tries to link the terrific new group to it. And yet there is far more sexual misbehavior on this side of the Kinsey spectrum, namely, the masturbating Domers; those under the Dome who are divorced, not annulled but remarried and having sex Catholics, the sexual misbehavior of the football team; and the CSC order, some of whom have sexually abused vulnerable youth. The call to chastity has not been heard by all of the aforementioned Domers. And Steve is silent and has nothing to say. Steve is so blinded by his hate of LGBTs and refuses to address the heterosexual misbehavior. On a note about masturbation, the late Father Charlie Sheedy,CSC, told our Basic Christian Ethics course that “anything that would 90 percent of this student body and 50 percent of this order in hell cannot be a sin.” Was the good father “thereby signaling disagreement with Church teaching and accordingly weakening its claim to Catholic identity?” Riddle me that, Batdude.

  17. Steve Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 4, 2021 at 6:30 am

    Our time on earth is so comparatively fleeting. For all eternity we will not be concerned, in the slightest, with borders or party affiliations or “zones” of the mortal body. For those who will be saved, our focus will be upon the Truth and face and love of God, Jesus, Our Lady and other saints. Our focus in our few years of mortal life must be our souls, not our bodies. For those who will not to be saved, I cannot speak save with pity–their focus on bodily regions will likely lead them to the nether regions, sadly. The Irish have a quaint prayer “God turn the hearts of me enemies. If not, at least turn their ankles that I may know them by their limp.” May God bless us, each and all, with the graces we need for the challenges and crosses of this day. Amen?

  18. Poor Steve, He just can’t stand it that LGBT Domers are more fully included and welcomed into the Notre Dame family. He is so focused on the pelvic zone but not on the heterosexual pelvic zone. Poor baby.

    • CRC-3 quite misses the point. Sycamore Trust and this bulletin have nothing to do with the sins of students of whatever sexual orientation. Our concern is, rather, with the university, and that concern is that by its actions it is implying that same-sex marriage may be licit or in any event not gravely immoral. I expect CRC-3 shares this view and that is why he applauds ND’s actions. So be it, but he cannot well dispute at the same time that ND ist thereby signaling disagreement with Church teaching and accordingly weakening its claim to Catholic identity.

  19. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 3, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    My only reaction to the linked story, in the context of this thread, is to assure any with doubts that I would strongly protest and pray against any attempt by Jenkins to normalize the use of date-rape drugs, or to start or permit a student group dedicated to the normalization of such activity. I strive to be consistent. Steve

  20. Riely, ND 1981 Steve started the epithet game with his reference to the Democrat Party. So what goes around, comes around — Republic Party. Direct your comments to Steve Martinek, not me. Given all the heterosexual activity that is clearly immoral under the Dome, you have more than your share of work to do. So get busy.

  21. Steven Martinek LGBT lives are not every “inclination” that fits your pity and pathology narrative and view of us.

    Meanwhile, attend the “inclinations” on your side of the Kinsey spectrum, dude:

    That ought to keep you busy with more than a few crosses along the road to heterosexual chastity.

  22. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 3, 2021 at 5:35 am

    Yes, indeed, “as if, as though…” in fact and truth I do. All mankind are born with limited mortal liberties and freedoms. We are free to seek our individual destinies, and to search and quest for Truth and God. We are not created with unlimited license to indulge and follow every inclination we may feel in our hearts and minds and bodies. We have the liberty to assess and evaluate them, and to follow those which take us closer to God and away from temptations and evil. We have, ultimately, the same freedom and liberty possessed by God’s Son, Our Lord–and it is a freedom coupled with duty, robed in integrity and nobility. We are free to take up and shoulder our Crosses on the painful struggling path toward our immortal destinies. The Crosses are never more burdensome than the abilities and graces we have received from God, and occasionally He sends a Simon to help us. Father Jenkins and the Left are not “true Simons,” as they deny the reality of the crosses and demean the innate integrity and ability to resist evil of those they see as victims. Steve

  23. Steven Martinek, LOL As if you believe in freedom, liberty and equality for LGBT people and Domers, ye devote of the Republic Party

    • CRC-3:

      One of the things I like about this space is the debates tend to be high brow and well articulated with facts, logic and reason to support them. I am not sure you are adding to that measure. To wit:
      i. I do not think the words immediately above are structured to form an actual sentence.
      ii. Grammatically, you are lacking in functional level communications.
      iii. Of the two major political parties in this county, one is the Democratic party and the other is the Republican party. There is no Republlc party of which I am aware.
      iv. Rigorous debate on matters of the day is healthy; ad hominem attacks are best left for folks unable to articulate rationale arguments.
      v. Mr. M has claimed ownership of his thoughts and opinions. Your identifiers fail to make clear whether you are machine, a person, a receipt, or a member of the ND Board of Trustees.
      vi. No one in this space has denied the LGBT community freedom, liberty, and equality. The legitimate question being posed is why ND has minimized its Catholic heritage and values while elevating and embracing conduct which the same Catholic Church teaches is sinful.

  24. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 2, 2021 at 5:49 am

    For CRC and all:

  25. Steven Martinek Republic Party. I can play the epithet game, too.

  26. Gary W. Kopycinski, ND ‘81 September 1, 2021 at 5:24 pm

    You so-called self-declared “heteronormative” Catholics are truly evil and shameful. Ugly as sin, you are. You’re in my prayers.

  27. Notre Dame needs to be closed down or placed under the interdict. Let it change its name for it no longer honors Our Lady; let it makes its way in the secular world for it has ceased to be Catholic.

  28. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (We were ND) September 1, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    “Pat”: Sure, I’ll play a few rounds of “let’s imagine” with you. Your phrasing sanitizes the issue so benignly, it is almost a bit of a challenge to respond. Imagine yourself a cradle Catholic (pre Vat II) raised by an immigrant Grandmother with simple certain CAtholic Faith. Imagine being blessed with the opportunity to follow an Uncle to become a Double-Domer way back in the day, even before 1983. Imagine a half-century of humble pride in having gone to Notre Dame. Then imagine all that has transpired in the short-span of the past decade, from and including the honoring of Obama, the most pro-abortion POTUS in history. It is no longer acceptable to merely accept and not discriminate against minorities, blacks, and the LGBTQ spectrum–now we must see special solicitous, gratuitous efforts to invite, especially advantage, prefer and extol deviance under its own flag, and the preeminent “matterness” of black lives under the BLM banner. Suddenly Catholic dogma, and teachings, and passages in scripture are deemed “hate speech” and instead of being defended in their truth they are to be minimized and apologized for. So, Pat, as was true of the Democrat Party decades back–it is not that we have left ND, or that we consider our beloved University “dead to us”–rather, it is She who has left us and sees us as dead-weight she longs to no longer carry. Steve

  29. Imagine being introduced with different ways of treating people than you’re used to, and immediately being offended that your own identity is being diluted. Are you so insecure in your own Catholicism and relationship with God, that the University you attended (which by the way should be a place of respectful debate on all topics, including questioning any religious authority) is “dead to you” for the lack of better phrasing, for encouraging its staff and students to empathize with and understand each other despite their different views towards life. How are you supposed to learn and grow if you want your dogma unchallenged. Grow up! The Notre Dame you attended in 1983 (yes, an assumption, hyperbolized to make a point) is not the same as the Notre Dame in 2021. Move on. Change comes, and just like everybody, Notre Dame attempts to adjust.

    • Agreed. The University should let r*pist Tariq Ramadan onto campus to finally teach and also let the TalEEEban enroll. Who are we to judge the three options provided by these luminaries: “submit, convert, or HASAN CHOP!”

      Only three options? Need to add another fifty to have the same number of genders in Joementia Biden’s cabinet.

  30. For those of you who aren’t familiar, there is a traditional Catholic website called “Church Militant” which reports Catholic news stories as a Catholic news network, run by a former t.v. news reporter and ND grad, Michael Voris. He did a very interesting show on his 10 minute daily “The Vortex” show today about the two halves of UND’s history. VERY WORTH WATCHING. The Episode was called “Go Irish- Don’t mess with the Leprechaun” and discusses how Notre Dame was originally a haven for devout Catholics, but Fr. Hesburgh changed all that. I am sorry Michael Voris didn’t go further and discuss Fr. Jenkins too. Very eye opening episode, especially for ND parents.

  31. Steven Martinek '71, '74 (earlier times and values) September 1, 2021 at 6:04 am

    For “N.D. JMJ” AMEN! “What is needed is a Miracle, and every Miracle, requires an act of Faith.” It is fruitless and futile to engage in debate with the forces of “woke.” They and their modernist views are supported, endorsed, and purveyed by the great deceiver, saran, and his minions and all the power of modern communications and “education.” Only by resort to, and reliance upon, the Truth of our FAith, and the intercession of Our Lady, Notre Dame, and her Spouse and her Son, and Saint Michael the Archangel will we engage and encounter the miraculous reversion of our beloved University to the true path. Steve “We were ND–and will be again!”

  32. Daniel P. Mitchell September 1, 2021 at 12:22 am

    Houston we have a problem! One is on a team or one is not. Notre Dame is a Catholic University or it is not. If one is a Catholic then one obeys the laws and the rules. No exceptions or one is just not a Catholic. The Catholic Church is not a buffet of choices; it is a religion of truth, period and the definition of the truth, like it or not, is the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. Disagree, then become a Protestant, that is how they got created centuries ago. This woke philosophy is just another heresy. Those on the Notre Dame staff who are embracing it are just being ignorant and all in to the Democratic party socially correct agenda. The solution is very simple. Get 100% with the Catholic Religion and the definition of the Truth or get out of Notre Dame. Now if the current generation of Notre Dame hierarchy does not agree with this position then declare Notre Dame a Protestant University. My belief is if Fr Theodore Hesburgh was still in charge this would not be an issue. Notre Dame would be very clearly with the Catholic Church.

    • Dear Mr. Mitchell- I agree with everything you write, except, with all due respect, the portion about Fr. Hesburgh, unfortunately. I am afraid you may not be aware of Fr. Hesburgh’s Land o” Lakes declaration, that he worked on with former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and the history of Fr. Hesburgh chairing the Rockefeller Foundation and the Clinton Defense Fund. I politely and understandingly, but also strongly, urge you to look up the traditional Cathoiic website “Church Militant” and watch a 10 minute video from a show called “The Vortex” from September 1, 2021 (today) called “Go Irish-Don’t mess with the Leprechaun”, which gives two halves of Notre Dame’s history- the earlier Catholic heritage of Notre Dame, and how Fr. Hesburgh unraveled much of that Catholic foundation during his presidency, unfortunately for Fr. Hesburgh and for the rest of us. You might be particularly interested in the part about what Fr. Hesburgh did prior to the 1980 US presidental election in ND classrooms.

    • John T Riely, ND 1981 September 1, 2021 at 12:28 pm

      I am not so sure about Hesburgh. While he is lionized and held in the highest esteem among Domers to this day, his own record on the issue of the day is mixed at best. He and McCarrick authored and pushed through the Land O’ Lakes statement; he worked with Planned Parenthood; he headed the Rockefeller Foundation including their efforts at population control and he gave Mario Cuomo a national stage to articulate the cowardly position that he was personally opposed to abortion but would not insist upon imposing that position upon others. Ted Koppel thereafter gave Ted the full allotment of Nightline to backstop Cuomo’s position, which he did. Hesburgh had gravitas and sucked all the air out of the room when he entered whereas Jenkins is milquetoast. The more I reflect on this the more I am thinking Hesburgh was a lot like Jenkins just one had stature and the latter is effeminate, demure and lacking in gravitas.

  33. J.M.J.

    We, who are Faithful Catholics, have in our day, witnessed bishop v.Bishop, cardinal v. Cardinal, and now pope v. every other validly elected Pope.

    “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost; “It Is Through Christ, With Christ, And In Christ, In The Unity Of The Holy Ghost”, that Holy Mother Church, outside of which there is no Salvation, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, exists.

    “For the Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might make known new doctrine, but that by His assistance they might inviolably keep and faithfully expound the Revelation, the Deposit of Faith, delivered through the Apostles. ”

    The time has come for all Faithful Bishops to request that Our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, who, retains The Gift Of The Holy Ghost, in regards to Papal Infallibility, Consecrate Russia to Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart, in union with them, exactly as she requested, separating Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, from the counterfeit church.

    “Papal infallibility, in Roman Catholic theology, the doctrine that the pope, acting as supreme teacher and under certain conditions, cannot err when he teaches in matters of faith or morals. As an element of the broader understanding of the infallibility of the church, this doctrine is based on the belief that the church has been entrusted with the teaching mission of Jesus Christ and that, in view of its mandate from Christ, it will remain faithful to that teaching through the assistance of the Holy Spirit. As such, the doctrine is related to, but distinguishable from, the concept of indefectibility, or the doctrine that the grace promised to the church assures its perseverance until the end of time.”

    What is needed is a Miracle, and every Miracle, requires an act of Faith.

    Dear Blessed Mother, Mary, Mirror Of Justice, Destroyer Of All Heresy, Who Through Your Fiat, Affirmed The Filioque, And Thus The Fact That There Is Only One Begotten Son Of God, One Word Of God Made Flesh, One Lamb Of God Who Can Take Away The Sins Of This World, Our Only Savior, Jesus The Christ, Thus There Can Only Be One Spirit Of Perfect Complementary Love Between The Father And His Only Begotten Son, Who Must Proceed From Both The Father And His Son, In The Ordered Communion Of Perfect Complementary Love, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, Please Intercede for us.

  34. Oh yes, Satan is clever. If he can tempt our corporeal Lord in times of physical distress, use the words of St. Peter to confuse loyalty with inaction and convince entire nations to do his bidding in the name of justice then he can also twist the teachings of Love as expressed by our Lord and Savior, his Holy Mother and generations of Saints from seeming acts of charity into affirmations of hubris, selfishness and malice. We can pray that Holy Spirit strengthen the rightous and vanquish the wicked in this one Church under one roof.

  35. Dr. Carolyn Linnig O'Rourke, Ed.D. August 31, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    I find this to be like a horror movie with one scary scene after another My husband graduated from Notre Dame – was Notre Dame Student football manager, graduated from Notre Dame with a Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in Commerce in 1955. My brother n Law, Bernie Crimmins, was All American in football under Coach Frank Leahy, and was assistant football coach under Coach Leahy for many years. I shudder to think of what their thoughts would be…This is NOT the Notre Dame they knew, Nor is it the Notre Dame I remember as a student at St. Mary’s College. I remember Notre Dame as Our Lady’s University.

  36. The decline began with the mistaken belief that academics and Catholicism were in conflict, at least in some limited sense. That necessitated relegating the Catholic identity to a lesser priority. As secular academia became increasingly detached from Judeo-Christian values, Notre Dame’s administration followed, seeking peer approval and ever more marginalizing the school’s Catholic identity to the point where it was, for all practical purposes, no longer publicly visible. Now they have followed the secularists into the realm of anti-Catholicism. I pray that our Blessed Mother will ask her Son for help in sending someone to restore Notre Dame into a faithfully Catholic school that we once again can be proud of.

  37. Dan Brophy from ’56 – makes a thoughtful point and expresses the confusion that modernism has sucked into its tentacles and is reflective of the movement toward heresy that sadly is promoted throughout the Church today. Of course the Gospel requires us to love one another with filial love – but it does not condone “love is love.”

    One of the now politically incorrect and hated Spiritual Works of Mercy is to “Admonish Sinners”. So the converse of that work of mercy is what? Support for a view that puts another’s eternal soul into eternal jeopardy? That action is itself a sin for which each will be held accountable through forgiveness and penance or judgment. This is what Scripture and the Church teaches.

    The objection is not in the rejection of any student or person because of their sins – but in falsely promoting error in any life style that is inherently sinful since it provides them with a false sense of moral prophylaxis, particularly at a Catholic university.

    If that’s ok, then Why not get rid of the same sex dorms? Why not get rid of the parietals? Why not have an ND Adulterers Alumni Club? Or how about a Cocaine Lovers Club? How about the Fornicators Sorority Club? etc. Slope gets slippery very fast on the modernists gradualism roadmap.

  38. It seems to me that the posture of a university, Catholic or otherwise, ought to be inclusion rather than exclusion, welcome rather than unwelcome. Even if one believes that homosexuality is sinful, or that advocating for same-sex marriages is sinful, one is left with the example of Jesus welcoming sinners to his table. A university–and the students therein–ought to keep the whole world, with all if its virtues, flaws and struggles, in its gaze, and not block any of that out, lest, by erasing the flaws, one erases the flawed people. Who then will be left standing?

    • Jesus welcomed sinners to bring them the good news and to convert them to a Godly way of life, not to revel in their sins. Seems just a bit different than a policy of inclusion that tells us our sins are just a-ok and there is no need to give them up. Remember that Jesus, after telling the womancaught in adultrey that He would not condemn her either told her to “Go, sin no more.”

  39. Willliam E. Dotterweich August 31, 2021 at 2:44 pm

    Sick at mu stomach.

  40. The University leadership seems to have embraced the gradualism of modernism and leadership cannot get out of its own way to see that they are corrupting its primary purpose – the only thing that sets them apart in any meaningful way. The famous inscription over the side door of the Basilica, “God, Country, Notre Dame” is becoming just another branding slogan for PR folks to use as leadership happily pushes away faithful Catholics as the university’s historical Catholic identity becomes a facade. Fr. Jenkins has adroitly moved the university from PC to woke and has turned his back on the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  41. James Pettengill August 31, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    During my time at ND, Catholicism was a mask worn to hide the place’s true, ugly face… a face void of supernatural faith… So get over it!!! The mask is off… ND is not Catholic & doesn’t serve the Church… the truth will set you free.

  42. Brian E. Downey J.D. K.M. August 31, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    Not a ” Notre Damer” but with many friends who are, and a person with great concern for OUR CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY , just looking at the history of how Notre Dame has handled prior issues of potential “high controversy”, I’ll be very concerned as how this policy unfolds. All I ask is that since you are all fully aware of the standards that our Mother Church espouses, that such be controlling at all costs.

  43. When our youngest daughter graduated high school she sincerely wanted to attend Notre Dame. It was out of the question financially. A guidance counselor at Jesuit High told us that unless she was a person of color or an excellent athlete she had no chance of gaining admission. I thank God that she was not acceptable and instead attended Texas A&M which we have learned is a much more of a Catholic school than Notre Dame. We are advising our grandchildren, “Do not even apply”.

  44. Steven Martinek August 31, 2021 at 1:04 pm

    Karen Weber’s concise, cogent comment is, in my view, profound. All of life and existence in modernity is infused with chaos, obfuscation, evil and fear. Our teaching message, our catechesis to our Catholic youth needs to be more positively nuanced. Our Catholic students need to be brought to a full awareness that happiness, joy, fulfillment is possible and attainable, amdist the chaos, but only in our Catholic Faith–not on Wall Street, or on-line, or in pleasures of the flesh. Steve

  45. I keep thinking it can’t get worse, and yet it does. How do we shift our focus from defense (of Catholic teaching) to offense (inspiring ND students with the beauty of the Catholic faith)?

  46. What a disgusting monster this has become.

    It has gone from acceptance to a circus.

  47. matthew mccarty md August 31, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    I had previously been a Sorin Society blue level donating alumnus to the university for many years….no longer. All they send out is email requests for money at every turn, including the welcome week emails asking for 25.00 within each email. Have they no shame in their fundraising attempts?. This is not my University anymore….my wife went to St. Mary’s, my three children attended the University….but what it has evolved into is a “woke” non-religious money machine.

  48. Steven Martinek August 31, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Can/will Sycamore Trust and the Irish Rover sponsor and stage counter-welcomes on a weekly basis for practicing Catholic students? Weekly welcome Masses/Confessions/Retreats.

    • There have been a couple of opportunities for the various student clubs to tell freshmen about what they do, and the Center for Ethics and Culture advertises its weekly Masses — and of course there are the Masses in the dormitories. The Catholic clubs whose mission includes this sort of outreach are the Militia Immaculate and Children of Mary, and while I haven’t checked I have no doubt they’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to reach out to freshmen and will be offering liturgies and retreats. There is no lack of opportunities for spiritual enrichment still. That is a principal reason why, despite the darkening scene, Notre Dame is still the most Catholic of the major Catholic universities except for Catholic University of America. The deterioration in Catholic higher education is so grave this this may not be saying a great deal, but it is saying something.

      • Deacon Edward Knauf '81 September 1, 2021 at 12:21 am

        Notre Dame basically apologizing for being Catholic means it simply isn’t any more. It all stems from the undeniable fact that Notre Dame worships itself, not the Divine Son of the Blessed Mother.

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