Gifting Securities

Securities that are donated to Sycamore Trust are deductible on your federal income tax at the fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. You do not have to recognize the appreciation as capital gain.

Electronic Transfer

Securities may be transferred from your brokerage account to Sycamore’s Stifel Nicolaus account via the Depository Trust Company (DTC). To perform such a transfer, notify your broker of the securities to be gifted and provide the following transfer instructions:

Company Name: Stifel Nicolaus
DTC Number: 0793
Account Name: Project Sycamore, a NFP Corporation
Account number: 46896617
Donor Name and Address:

In the event your broker requires further information, please contact one of our Stifel representatives (below).

Wiring Funds

Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., (888) 434-3030 FREE
Bank Address: One Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY
Bank ABA Number: 021000021
Bank Acct. Number: 5157730
Credit: Stifel Nicolaus
For Further Credit: Project Sycamore, a NFP Corporation
FFC Acct. Number: 46896617

Donation of physical stock certificates

If the certificates are registered to your name, please provide a Stock or Bond Power Authorization and a Letter of Authorization (LOA). The LOA should state your intent, the receiving firm name, account name and account number (information found above). To avoid a delay in processing the certificate, please leave the stock power authorization blank except for your signature. Please have all parties the stock is registered to sign both the stock power and LOA. Please do not sign the back of any certificates. Please mail certificates and forms to Theodore Sinal/Timothy Sinal (below).
If the certificates are not registered to your name, please contact one of our Stifel representatives (below) to discuss the procedure to donate the shares.

Mutual Funds

Many mutual funds can be transferred, provided that Stifel has an agreement with the fund provider to trade that particular fund. To transfer mutual fund shares, please contact Stifel (below) to determine whether the fund is eligible.

Stifel Nicolaus Address & Contacts

Stifel Nicolaus
70 West Madison Street, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60602
(800) 223-8232
(312) 454-3856 – Fax

Theodore Sinal
First Vice President/Investments
(312) 269-0383

Timothy Sinal
First Vice President/Investments
(312) 269-0393

Mary Beth McDermott
Registered Client Service Associate
(312) 454-3844

Sycamore Trust’s Federal Tax Identification Number: 11-3811842