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Why US Catholic Campuses Aren’t Very Catholic

Notre Dame’s Keough School Professor Tamara Kay sues independent student newspaper The Irish Rover for defamation.


Notre Dame Professor Sues Student Paper

Notre Dame’s Keough School Professor Tamara Kay sues independent student newspaper The Irish Rover for defamation.

Notre Dame Day 2023

Stand with those students who stand up for Notre Dame’s Catholic identity by supporting their organizations during Notre Dame Day now through April 26. They need our help. And we need theirs. Notre Dame Day is an opportunity for members of the Notre Dame community and others who value the school’s formative mission to get behind the Read More


Easter Message 2023

https://vimeo.com/815941757Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sycamore Easter Message 2023 (https://vimeo.com/815941757) So she ran and went to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and told them, “They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know where they put him.” That may sound like an odd Read More


“Abortion Doula” at Notre Dame

Notre Dame continues its controversial six-part series on “Reproductive Justice” featuring speakers who advocate for abortion and promote ideologies hostile to the truth of Catholicism.


Much Ado About Nothing?

@IrishRoverND reports on co-ed housing at Notre Dame and the administration-approved homosexualizing of Shakespeare #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Introduction In this bulletin, we reprint with permission an Irish Rover editorial by its editor-in-chief, Joe DeReuil, in which he discusses two developments: The opening of graduate student co-ed housing to undergraduates, and The casting of Hamlet Read More


Notre Dame Returns to The March for Life

A large @NDRTL delegation joined a huge crowd for this year's @March_for_Life to celebrate the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade and promote a culture of life. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In whatever way you are able to support our common purpose — by giving of your time (especially in prayer), talent, or treasure — Read More

Promoting Catholic Intellectual Life

.@ND_EthicsCenter is evidence that a counter-cultural light can still break upon @NotreDame to shine in a desperate world that is need for moral leadership #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Year-End Campaign SUPPORT SYCAMORE Introduction Our recent bulletin series about abortion attitudes and advocacy at Notre Dame has been largely bleak. So, now that Christmas is almost Read More


“Exposed as a Pro-Life Conservative”

.@PillarCatholic sheds light on counter-cultural challenges @NotreDame in an indepth interview of @Merlot_Fogarty about her work as President @NDRighttoLife #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Annual Campaign We are deeply grateful for the support that we received during the last 12 months, enabling us to expand our membership, upgrade our technology, return to campus for our Annual Read More


Notre Dame Refuses to Sponsor Major Local Pro-Life Event

.@IrishRoverND reports @NotreDame terminates its long-standing sponsorship of @RTLmichiana's major fundraiser for its pro-life programs because @BenShapiro was selected as the keynote speaker #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The Rover’s Article in Context In our new bulletin we bring you an especially illuminating Irish Rover article about the refusal of the Notre Dame administration to sponsor Read More


The Rover on Prof. Kay’s Abortion Campaign

@IrishRoverND reports "abortion assistance offered to students despite IN law, ND policy" by @NotreDame Prof. Tamara Kay @KeoughGlobalND #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Abortion Part II In our current bulletin we continue a series about abortion attitudes and advocacy at Notre Dame following the Supreme Court decision overruling Roe v. Wade. For this second installment we reproduced The Read More


Prof. Tamara Kay Offers Student Abortion Help

.@NotreDame Prof. Tamara Kay @KeoughGlobalND campaigns to assist students abort pre-born babies in violation of state and moral law, school policy, and the student-teacher relationship. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Abortion Part I In this bulletin, we begin a series about pro-abortion and pro-life developments at Notre Dame in the wake of the Supreme Court decision returning Read More


The Irish Rover on First-Year Sex Ed

.@NotreDame VP Student Affairs and CSC priest, Rev. Gerry Olinger, refuses to answer student reporter questions about his department's anti-Catholic training on sex and gender #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet An Illuminating Irish Rover Report In this bulletin, we reprint (with permission, copyright reserved) an illuminating Irish Rover investigative report by its editor-in-chief, Joseph DeReuil, about Read More


Notre Dame’s First-Year Sex Ed

.@NotreDame applies religious and institutional authority to instruct first-year students with anti-Catholic training on sex and gender #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Today we bring you deeply disturbing portions of a video about the University’s diversity policy that was shown to this year’s first-year students and that radically undermines the Church’s teaching on sex and gender. Read More


Notre Dame, Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Theory

Notre Dame accelerates its pro-LGBTQ pace, increasing enrolment of LGBTQ students, promoting gender ideology on campus, and advocating for Pride Month through the Alumni Association


A Notre Dame Racial Justice Misfire

Sources: WATCH: Nikole Hannah-Jones Reveals the First Time She Was Called The N-Word Was at ‘Prestigious White Institution’ Notre Dame, Media ITE, Jul 7th, 2021; Nikole Hannah-Jones Discusses Black Excellence in Education, YouTube, New York Times, Oct 21, 2021; and Navigating Notre Dame and Beyond, Facebook, Black Alumni of Notre Dame, Mar 16, 2022. .@NotreDame Read More


Notre Dame Professor Calls for Pro-Abortion “General Strike”

Notre Dame in the News highlights professors’ prediction that women who miscarry will be prosecuted for murder if Roe is overturned, among other flights of fancy in their Solon.com screed.


NDDay 2022

Get behind the students who stand tall for the Truth of Catholicism and fight daily for #NotreDame's Catholic mission #NDday through midnight Apr 25 #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Vote for Catholic Identity In case you haven’t heard, the 29-hour giveathon — Notre Dame Day — is underway with early giving and will end at midnight, Monday, April Read More


Easter Message 2022

by Father John Raphael, ’89 https://vimeo.com/700095470Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sycamore Trust Easter Message 2022 (https://vimeo.com/700095470) Though we celebrate the Easter Mystery every year, each year it has deeper meaning for us, as each year we draw closer to that moment when we will stand before the Risen Lord in all his Read More


New Notre Dame LGBT Alumni Organization Promotes Same-Sex Marriage

Notre Dame’s new official LGBT alumni organization gets right to work promoting same-sex marriage.


Besmirching Black History Month with Critical Race Theory

.@NotreDame's Office of Human Resources declares the "founding principles of the nation" to be "slavery, genocide, and settler colonialism." #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We defer our planned follow-up to our last bulletin on Notre Dame’s “Day for Life” to tell you how the administration, in the course of purportedly celebrating Black History Month, has instead Read More


Notre Dame Day for Life

More than 700 #prolife students, faculty, and staff gathered at @NotreDame for a pro-life rally paralleling the national March for Life after the university abruptly cancelled the student trip to Washington because of COVID. … Click To Tweet Although Notre Dame cancelled the student trip to Washington only nine days before this year’s January 21 Read More


“War Over Woke Catholicism”at Notre Dame

Controversy triggered at @NotreDame when @IrishRoverND editor reminds readers that the school is Catholic. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet With the permission of National Review (copyright reserved), we reproduce below the recently published article “Notre Dame Students Go to War over ‘Woke’ Catholicism” by Alexandra DeSanctis (ND ’16) and Carl R. Trueman. The article is an Read More


The Irish Rover Barks!

Student newspaper @irishrovernd calls out @NotreDame administration for undermining Church teaching on LGBTQ issues. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet “How is it that a Notre Dame undergraduate understands this, but Father John Jenkins, the university’s president, does not.” (Rod Dreher) This bulletin is devoted to describing just what it is that a Notre Dame undergraduate understands Read More

ND President Praises Gay Alumnus Book

Jenkins Praises Alumnus For Same-Sex Marriage High Court Win

Notre Dame gay alumnus reveals longstanding support of university president in his memoir on his “legal battle for marriage, equality, and inclusion,” published by Notre Dame Press.


Biden Debases Laetare Medal As Students Bolster Notre Dame’s Catholic Identity

Laetare Medal awardee @JoeBiden's recent trashing of Church teaching on abortion contrasts with @NotreDame Catholic student organizations' support of the University's Catholic character. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Following our last bulletin about an Irish Rover investigative report, we write today principally about Notre Dame’s Catholic student organizations, but the recent feticidal outburst by Notre Dame Read More


Notre Dame’s Non-Heteronormative Welcome Week

.@NotreDame sterilizes Welcome Week of "heteronormative messages that created an unwelcoming or awkward environment for many students.” #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In our last two bulletins, we cited the University’s embrace of Pride Month and the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s establishment of an official alumni LGBTQ “affinity group” as evidence of a cultural shift at Read More


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender, and “Questioning” Alumni Given Their Own Official Notre Dame Alumni Group

.@NotreDame continues its rapid ethical and cultural shift with @NDAA's establishment of an LGBTQ alumni "affinity group.” #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We opened our last bulletin by observing that, ever since Father Jenkins scuttled long-standing University policy in 2012 by approving a student LGBTQ club, the risk has been that the aim of treating homosexuals with Read More


Notre Dame Embraces LGBTQ Pride Month

Father Jenkins's misguided approval of a student LGBTQ club at @NotreDame and a promiscuous "diversity and inclusion" policy has led to increasing support for the LGBTQ agenda capped by endorsement of LGBTQ Pride Month. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Ever since Father Jenkins scuttled long-standing University policy in 2012 by approving a student LGBTQ club, the Read More


President Biden Dodges President Jenkins

US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden return to the White House from a weekend at Camp David in Washington, DC, USA, May 23, 2021 [Notre Dame’s Commencement Weekend] [Photo via Newscom] President @JoeBiden averted pro-life backlash but embarrassed @NotreDame by his last-minute rejection of Father Jenkins’s wrong-headed invitation to be Commencement speaker. Read More


Mid-Year Message 2021

https://player.vimeo.com/video/561362292?autoplay=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sycamore Trust | Mid-Year Message 2021 (https://player.vimeo.com/video/561362292?autoplay=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0) .@NotreDame invited President Biden to be the 2021 commencement speaker but Biden dodged at the last minute with almost 5,000 alumni and friends signing our Open Letter. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet This message from Bill Dempsey was taped just before Read More

Notre Dame’s Student COVID Vaccination Mandate

.@NotreDame's COVID mandate requiring students to be vaccinated with an emergency vaccine while continuing to allow faculty and staff to choose for themselves raises serious ethical questions #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The university is requiring all students, except those exempted for “documented” religious or medical reasons, to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition for Read More


Notre Dame Day 2021

Get behind the students who stand tall for the Truth of Catholicism and fight daily for #NotreDame's Catholic mission #NDday through midnight Apr 19 #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet Vote for Catholic Identity In case you haven’t heard, the 29-hour giveathon — Notre Dame Day — is underway and ends just after midnight tomorrow, Monday, April 19, 2021. Read More


Biden’s Hit Man, an Unexpected Laetare Awardee, & Zahm House Blues

Will @NotreDame ever end its silence on inviting @JoeBiden to speak at Commencement? Will honoring a little-known gospel singing financier end #Laetare blowback? Will canceling Zahm House end campus #Zahmantics? #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The University has announced an unforeseeable selection for the Laetare Medal, thrown up its hands in its efforts to bring law Read More


Easter Message 2021

Christ the Lord is Risen, Alleluia!He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia! by Father John Raphael, ’89 https://vimeo.com/532726765Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sycamore Trust Easter Message 2021 (https://vimeo.com/532726765) There are no more glorious, no more wondrous, no more powerful words than those of the Church’s great Easter acclamation, Christ the Lord is risen, Alleluia! Read More


Biden, Abortion, and Notre Dame Commencement Redux

What part of "clear" "grave" "obligation" does @JoeBiden not understand? #CoCatholicND Click To Tweet We open this bulletin with the first pro-abortion dividend of President Biden’s opposition to the Hyde Amendment and continue with some additional information we have just come across that bears upon our Open Letter to Father Jenkins urging him not to Read More


The Equality Act, A Fourth Strike Against Biden

.@JoeBiden's anti-Catholic #EqualityAct makes the already compelling case against @NotreDame's honoring him conclusive #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The House of Representatives has just endorsed an especially pernicious anti-religious freedom component of President Biden’s agenda, and accordingly we write you again about how ill-advised it would be to for Notre Dame to invite him to be Read More


The “First Anti-Catholic ‘Catholic’ President” and Notre Dame

Will Joe Biden, the most pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty president in history, be @NotreDame's next Commencement speaker? #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The transmogrification of Joe Biden from a defender of Catholic Church teachings to our “first anti-Catholic ‘Catholic’ president,” in the words of Catholic author and commentator Dr. Robert Royal, spells big trouble for the Read More


Students Leftward Ho! and Jenkinsgate

Despite the @USCCB continued emphasis on abortion as the preeminent issue for voters, students at @NotreDame supported the aggressively pro-abortion Harris/Biden ticket as strongly as their dominantly secular peers at @Yale… Click To Tweet We pick up where we left off before the holidays in chronicling events involving politics and public figures bearing on Notre Read More


Notre Dame Day 2020

Get behind the students who stand tall for the Truth of Catholicism and fight daily for #NotreDame's Catholic mission #NDday Oct 26-27 2020 #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet Vote for Catholic Identity In case you haven’t heard, the 29-hour giveathon — Notre Dame Day — begins Monday, October 26 at 6:42 pm ET. But there’s no need to Read More


Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Lou Holtz, Amy Barrett, and Father Jenkins

Partisan support of a pro-abortion anti-religious liberty Presidential ticket intensifies at @NotreDame while faculty splits on #AmyConeyBarrett nomination. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In this bulletin we report on recent developments bearing on the appointment of Pete Buttigeig to the Notre Dame faculty; the reproof by Fr. Jenkins of Lou Holtz for his criticism of Joe Read More


Supporting Amy Coney Barrett

.@NDLaw alumni act now to show your support for @JudgeAmyBarrett s nomination by adding your signature to a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet To the Senate Judiciary Committee As we have said before, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is, in all respects, an estimable candidate for the next Associate Justice of Read More


Thanksgiving for Barrett’s Nomination

We give thanks for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and pray for the full recovery of all suffering from the coronavirus including POTUS, FLOTUS, and @NotreDame's President John Jenkins CSC #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Bearing Faithful Witness Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful;  it is not arrogant or rude. Love Read More


Father Jenkins, Lou Holtz, & Joe Biden

.@NotreDame president Fr. John  Jenkins slams former Irish football coach @LouHotlz for criticizing @JoeBiden's anti-Catholic position on abortion. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Strange Happenings in Father Jenkins’s Office There have been strange and revelatory happenings in the President’s Office at Notre Dame during the political conventions just ended. Pete Buttigeig First, as we noted in Read More


Mayor Pete, Notre Dame, and the Church

Appointing pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, anti-religious liberty #Buttiieg to the @NotreDame faculty scandalizes and entangles the school in partisan politics. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Mayor Pete, Notre Dame, and the Church In late June, Notre Dame announced that Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend and erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate, would join the faculty as a Read More


The New York Times and Notre Dame

.@NotreDame students fed daily doses of the now unmasked bigotry of the @NYTmes. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet As we reported last year, at the instance of student government Notre Dame is providing every student a free online subscription to the New York Times, and only the New York Times.  This is a major departure from Read More


Drowning in BS

.@NotreDame sociologist Christian Smith holds that the accumulated effects of all the academic BS are contributing to this country’s disastrous political condition #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Introduction We reproduce below a searing indictment of American higher education by Dr. Christian Smith, the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Sociology at Notre Dame.  During his time at Read More


Civil Discourse Double Standard

.@NotreDame's Unequal Justice Under the Golden Dome: Protect Chinese students from malicious slander but not faithful Catholics. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Introduction After its utter silence in response to a horrific poster and video attacking faithfully Catholic members of the university this past fall, the Notre Dame administration responded to an incident of racist hate Read More


Call for Unity and Justice

.@NotreDame calls for an end to racism and violence and pays tribute to police officers amid protests spurred by #GeorgeFloyd's death #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet A few days ago on June 1, several hundred members of the Notre Dame community gathered on campus in prayerful reflection on the death of George Floyd while in police Read More


COVID-19 Turnabout

.@NotreDame in a turnabout finally joins other wealthy schools in declining its share of #COVID relief funds – flushing another opportunity to lead by example #GoCatholicND  Click To Tweet Several weeks ago, there was a burst of publicity when a number of wealthy universities declared they wouldn’t apply for federal grants to help them defray Read More


Gender Studies Program on the Loose

.@NotreDame's Gender Studies Program with @KinseyInstitute panelists promotes anti-Catholic gender ideology with administration acquiescence. Click To Tweet Gender Studies Program on the Loose With regret, we follow our recent sunny report about the law school with an uncommonly discouraging report about the Gender Studies Program (“GSP”) and the administration. The episode we describe below centers Read More


Easter Message

At Sycamore Trust, we unite with the Notre Dame community and all the Church as we celebrate this Easter Like None Other! Click To Tweet An Easter Like None Other!!! by Father John Raphael, ’89 I believe that it is fair to say — an understatement even — that this year’s was truly a Holy Read More


Remembering Joe Reich, ’57

Remembering Joe Reich ( July 22, 1935 – March 2, 2020) #NotreDame Class of 1957 and #SycamoreTrust Charter Member. Click To Tweet Joe Reich, ’57, a founding board member of Sycamore Trust, our long-serving Vice President, and good friend to many, has died, and we want to say a few words in tribute and gratitude Read More


Good News at the Law School

.@MarcusCole continues the tradition of strong Catholic leadership as Law School Dean @NotreDame. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet As Sycamore Trust has often observed, the Notre Dame Law School, with a much stronger Catholic faculty presence than the University’s other schools, is both the most Catholic and one of the best law schools in the country.  Read More


Diversity Disruption

Substituting the Gender Unicorn for Theology of the Body — diversity disruption @NotreDame. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Our recent reports have described a growing number of actions and events that are hostile to Church teaching on sex and gender. In this respect, the University is rapidly coming to embrace one of the most corrupting features of almost all of Read More


Woke Dorms?

.@NotreDame woke say parietals “protect white, cis-heteronormative hegemony,” and is “an institutional attack against womxn, gender nonnconforming students and the poor.” Huh? #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In our last bulletin we reported that one of the goals of Student Government’s new Director of Gender Relations is “PARIETALS ‘reform’ (REMOVAL).” Within a few days, some 30 students Read More


Diversity & Tolerance — Of What?

The woke agenda of @NotreDame Student Government's Anne Jarrett aka @profanniety turns out the light on Catholic identity #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet Notre Dame’s student government led off the new school year by handing all students free subscriptions to the New York Times (and no other newspaper) and bringing on a director of gender relations with Read More



.@NotreDame president's silence on incendiary assault by students on students and others for upholding Church teaching continues to draw fire. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The bewildering silence of the priest-president of Notre Dame in the face of a malignant and incendiary assault in word and image by Notre Dame students on fellow students and others Read More

There's queer blood on homophobic hands

Student Slander and Provocation Unchecked

Intimidation on@NotreDame's campus against individuals and groups upholding Catholic teaching on homosexual sex #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet In one of the most indefensible, and perhaps consequential, decisions of his tenure, Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins has declined to condemn, or even criticize, a vile and inflammatory assault via poster and video by a group Read More


Father Hesburgh Redux

Fr Hesburgh wanted to make @NotreDame a great Catholic university — but "lacked the vision and imagination" to make it anything more than merely a great university. #GoCatholicND. Click To Tweet In our current bulletin, with the permission of Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute where it appeared initially, we reproduce an especially Read More

LGBTQ alumni find friends in Notre Dame administration

Mayor Pete at ND — “Friends in High Places”

LGBTQ alumni agenda finds favor @NotreDame with members of the Jenkins administration #GoCatholicND. Click To Tweet Last March, Notre Dame gave the Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association of Notre Dame (GALA) and its gay marriage agenda a boost by allowing GALA to honor Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg and to stage a panel supporting same-sex married Read More


Goodbye, Columbus aka Custer, Jackson, et al.

Coming soon @NotreDame – "Columbus’s Discovery of America”: featuring Jackson's Trail of Tears, Custer's cruelties, unjust treaties, cheating government agents – the whole nine yards of persecution of Native Americans #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We have earlier marked the irony of Father Jenkins’s deciding to cover the Christopher Columbus murals in the Main Building while refusing Read More


Outstanding Students

Mackenzie Kraker ('19) and James Martinson ('19) to receive @SycamoreTrust Student Awards for outstanding contribution to #NotreDame's Catholic identity during #NDReunion. #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet Every year at our Annual Breakfast during Reunion Weekend we recognize undergraduates who have made an outstanding contribution to strengthening Notre Dame’s Catholic identity. The award comes with a donation Read More


Lead Us [Not] Into Temptation

.@NotreDame president grants Native American students' request to cover Columbus murals but denies over 1000 students’ request to block Internet porn ND funnels to students 24/7. Go figure! #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We regret to report that Father Jenkins has denied the student-initiated petition for a filter to curb the torrent of pornography it funnels to Read More


The Hesburgh Phenomenon

Fr. Bill Miscamble’s biography of Fr. Ted Hesburgh describes his good works but also his lasting influence in draining “Catholic” from “Catholic university" in #AmericanPriest #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet The Hesburgh Phenomenon by William Dempsey (Reprinted with permission from The Catholic Thing, copyright reserved.) Saturday, April 27, 2019 In the pantheon of Notre Dame superheroes, Read More


Support The Front Line

Get behind the students who stand tall for the Truth of Catholicism and fight daily for #NotreDame's Catholic mission #NDDAY April 28-29 #GoCatholicND" Click To Tweet Sextuple Your Donation In case you haven’t heard, the 29-hour giveathon — Notre Dame Day — begins Sunday evening at 6:42 PM ET. But there’s no need to wait for the Read More


“American Priest” by Rev. Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.

.@NotreDame's secular acclaim and religious decline in Rev. Wilson Miscamble's Ambitious Life and Conflicted Legacy of Father Ted Hesburgh. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet With the permission of First Things (copyright reserved), we reproduce below an arresting review by Rev. Paul Mankowski, S.J., of the just-published biography by Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., of Fr. Theodore Hesburg: American Priest: Read More


The Clock Runs Out

.@NotreDame is finally compelled by the Vatican’s condemnation of #McCarrick to end its embarrassing delay and catch up with its peers by rescinding his honorary degree.  #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet With the imposition by the Vatican upon former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the most severe penalty that can be imposed on a cleric – dismissal Read More


Academic Freedom Run Amok

.@NotreDame hosts a talk by a pro-abortion speaker arranged by students with @Irish4RepHealth who are suing #NotreDame for free abortifacients. Click To Tweet The pro-choice student organization Irish 4 Reproductive Health (“Irish 4”) is hosting a talk this evening on campus by the noted pro-abortion advocate Katherine Watson. The event has no Notre Dame sponsor. Read More


Gentleman of the Year

Notre Dame senior, Jim Martinson, awarded 2019 Gentlemen Showcase award by community of conservative women @NeWNetwork #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet On Mar 1, 2019, at 9:54 AM, Alain Oliver wrote: Dear Bill & Jim, I imagine that you might have already peeked at the voting totals (2/28, at midnight).  But it brings me great joy Read More


Evangelizing Students

.@IrishRoverND's Mackenzie Kraker reports on the evangelizing effort of some @NotreDame students at #SEEK2019. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet The SEEK conference that Mackenzie Kraker describes in the article below, which we reprint with permission from The Irish Rover, was sponsored by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), a remarkable organization dedicated to Catholic evangelization Read More


“Obstinate Misdiagnosis”

Sycamore Trust board member @MaryRiceHasson notes in @FirstThingsMag that #McCarrick affair reflects a misdiagnosis in Rome's limiting agenda to abuse of minors. Click To Tweet The soul of the Catholic Church is being pierced, day after day, by a seemingly endless scandal of sexual abuse. And it must be hoped that, as many secret thoughts—and Read More


Student Leaders to Father Jenkins

Notre Dame student body leaders entreat President Jenkins to rescind ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s honorary degree before he is compelled to act by a Vatican decision.


Cover Columbus! Show Porn!

Father Jenkins has just decided to cover up the Main Building murals celebrating Christopher Columbus bringing Christianity to the New World because they are offensive to Native Americans while he remains silent on the students’ petition for a filter to stem the torrent of pornography the University funnels to students 24/7 through its Internet service.


Notre Dame, Pornography Middleman

.NotreDame's advice for managing pornography on its Wi-Fi: 'God’s given us the choice of whether we’re going to be sinners or not, you know?' #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet We reproduce below a moderately shortened letter from some 90 “Men of Notre Dame” presenting their petition to the University to install a pornography filter on the Read More


Good Cop, Bad Cop

The Pennsylvania grand jury report that has reignited the clerical sexual abuse issue with a vengeance is just the beginning. So far, thirteen additional states have announced that they’re pursuing investigations, and a federal statewide investigation in Pennsylvania has just begun. The impact of these investigations will depend a lot on the attorneys in charge. Because Read More

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McCarrick Redux

[Editor’s note: After Fr. Miscamble’s  article was published, Fr. Jenkins issued a second statement on the sexual abuse issue that we will discuss in a coming bulletin and that Fr. Miscamble would have noted, but since Fr. Jenkins did not mention the McCarrick matter, Fr. Miscamble’s analysis of that and related issues is unaffected. In anticipation Read More


Notre Dame Ducks!

As it becomes ever clearer that the McCarrick episode is at the epicenter of the sexual assault tumult, Father Jenkins’s decision to leave in place the Archbishop’s honorary degree until some distant proceeding in Rome, should it ever occur, becomes ever more perplexing and disturbing. As we have shown, the revocation of Bill Cosby’s honorary Read More

Millstone II Alumni Analysis

Late Saturday night in American time zones, two English-language websites published the 11- page “testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. The testimony is an unprecedented indictment of senior Church officials for conspiring to enable the now-disgraced former Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick, to Read More

About Millstones

Father John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Notre Dame’s president, has decided to let stand the honorary degree it awarded Archbishop Theodore McCarrick pending a canonical trial.. Fr. Jenkins found “no reason to question” the New York Archdiocese’s determination that allegations of sexual abuse by Archbishop McCarrick were “credible and substantiated,” and he noted that Pope Francis Read More

Follow The Leader

On Tuesday, July 31, Bill Dempsey sent the following letter respecting the McCarrick affair to Father Jenkins and the other Fellows of the University on behalf of the officers and trustees of Sycamore Trust: Call To Action If you agree, we hope you will second our request to revoke the honorary degree Notre Dame awarded Read More


“Malicious!” “Preposterous!”

As we noted in our last bulletin, a new lawsuit has been filed claiming that Notre Dame hasn’t gone far enough in scuttling its long-standing policy against providing contraceptives to employees and students. With the University’s having repudiated its sworn protestations to the court that it couldn’t in conscience do what it is now doing, Read More

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness!

In our current bulletin, we reproduce a letter we have sent to the University of Notre Dame Trustees submitting a petition from alumni and friends urging them to end the provision of abortifacients to students and employees and to reverse Father Jenkins’s decision to include contraceptives in Notre Dame’s health plans for students and employees. Read More

2018 Student Award Recipients

Every year at our Annual Breakfast during Reunion Weekend we recognize undergraduates who have made an outstanding contribution to strengthening Notre Dame’s Catholic identity. The award comes with a donation made in their names to a campus group of their choice. This year’s recipients are Sarah Drumm, ’18, and Sarah Ortiz, ’19. The video below about Read More

Conveniently Blind

The university has now disclosed the unsettling details of its contraception program. Coverage will include drugs that cause abortions; they will be prescribed and provided through the campus wellness center; and abortifacients will be provided free for several more months and cut-rate until the end of the year. The program is described in three online Read More

School For Scandal

Notre Dame had it right in its lawsuit against the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. There, Dr. John Affleck-Graves, the University’s Executive Vice President, swore to the court that compliance with the mandate would “violate Notre Dame’s religious beliefs” because it would cause scandal, especially to its students: Therefore, he concluded: Now, in a stupefying pivot, Father Jenkins Read More

“Notre Dame Swallows the Pill”

Notre Dame Swallows the Pill by  Gerard V. Bradley Reprinted with permission from The Public Discourse. February 8th, 2018 The University has announced it is to be the sole funder, unaccompanied proprietor, and director of distribution of what it has solemnly declared for years to be an immoral service. But the Holy Spirit is not Read More

A Day To Support Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

Notre Dame Day, which begins this evening and runs through tomorrow, provides an unusual opportunity to support Notre Dame organizations devoted to the Catholic mission of the University. The live streaming broadcast  begins at 6:42 PM ET tonight and ends at 12:11 AM ET on April 24. You can watch below, read a FAQ, and learn Read More

Giving Discernment a Bad Name

We now have the fourth installment of Father Jenkins’s Policy-of-the-Month contraception misadventure. He has finally decided to claim an exemption from the Obamacare mandate and to have the University itself, rather than the insurance companies, provide contraceptives, but not abortificiants, to employees and students. Accordingly, Notre Dame will now, surely for the first time and Read More

Statement of Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

Regarding the Notre Dame Decision on Contraceptive Coverage “I strongly support the decision of the University of Notre Dame to stop the government-funded provision, through its third party administrator, of abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures. I am also happy that the University will provide natural family planning services in its insurance plans. At the same Read More

Faculty For Life Open Letter to Fr. John Jenkins

We reproduce below an important letter from the Executive Board of the Notre Dame Chapter of University Faculty for Life published originally on January 18, 2018, the day before the March for Life, in the student newspaper The Observer.  The letter is addressed to Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the University’s president, the leader of Read More

Just Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

Just as Notre Dame’s response to the Obamacare abortifcient/contraceptive mandate began with misrepresentations to the courts, as we recounted in our last bulletin, so does it continue with misrepresentations to everyone else. While the administration tries to lay responsibility on its insurers for the provision of free abortifacients and contraceptives to its students and employees, Read More

Students’ Open Letter to Notre Dame’s Administration

While some Notre Dame students are calling for the removal of 12 iconic murals of Christopher Columbus that have been on campus since 1884, others are demanding that the administration set the record straight about its Catholic values. In an open letter to the school’s president, vice-president, and administration, the editorial staff of The Irish Read More

Sorin’s Bold Vision & the Future of Notre Dame

  By Fr. Bill Miscamble C.S.C. Father Edward Sorin has been the subject of renewed attention during this year celebrating the 175th anniversary of the founding of the University of Notre Dame by the determined Holy Cross priest and his band of brothers. The university administration has made the fulfillment of Sorin’s ‘vision’ a lynchpin of Read More

Alumni Lawyers to Fr. Jenkins

AN OPEN LETTER TO FATHER JENKINS FROM NOTRE DAME ALUMNI ATTORNEYS Dear Father Jenkins: We write as attorneys and Notre Dame alumni out of deep concern over what appears to be abuse by the University of the judicial process in its legal challenge to the Obamacare abortifacient/contraceptive mandate. This is a serious matter, and we do Read More

Serpentine! Serpentine!

Under the pressure of public scrutiny, Notre Dame has backed off facilitating surgical abortion though its employee FSA. But so far they have held their ground with cut-rate sterilization, abortifacients, contraceptives. NOTRE DAME, IN — In the wake of our bulletin of yesterday disclosing that the university has made expenses for abortion, sterilization, abortifacients, and contraceptives Read More

(Don’t Look Now)

You thought at least Notre Dame would draw the line at surgical abortion? Wrong. NOTRE DAME, IN — Last week we reported how Notre Dame has decided to do voluntarily precisely what it insisted to the courts repeatedly it could not do in good conscience — allow its health care contractors to provide free abortifacients and Read More

Notre Dame’s Conscience du Jour

In a stunning move, Notre Dame has just taken back the claim it made through years of litigation, in protest of the Obamacare mandate, that it couldn’t in conscience consent to the provision of abortifacients and contraceptives to its employees by its health plan administrator. That is now precisely what it is going to do. NOTRE Read More

“Regulation of Birth” at Notre Dame?

[sta_anchor id=”top”]Notre Dame has not accepted the exemption from the Obamacare abortifcient/contraception mandate made available by the Trump administration but instead has notified its employees that they will continue receiving free abortifacients and contraceptives in 2018 from the administrator of the university’s health insurance plan. There is time for Notre Dame to change its mind Read More

On Whose Shoulders Then Do We Stand?

  Father Bill Miscamble, C.S.C., files a dissenting opinion from Dean John T. McGreevey’s characterization of yesterday’s Notre Dame as “mediocre,” as we do from his declaration, without visible means of support, that today’s Notre Dame is “more Catholic” than it was fifty years ago under Father Ted Hesburgh NOTRE DAME, IN – Alumni who tire Read More

Game, Set, and Match to Father Jenkins

  Father Jenkins’s censure of Senator Feinstein for her questioning Notre Dame law school Professor Amy Barrett’s qualifications to serve as a federal judge because of her Catholic faith was spirited and telling and a credit to the university. NOTRE DAME, IN – Good for Father Jenkins! His indictment of Senator Diane Feinstein (D. Cal.) Read More

The Spirit of Land O’Lakes

The Land O’Lakes Statement, which insisted upon the “true autonomy” of Catholic universities “in the face of  authority of any kind both lay and clerical,” inaugurated a period of unprecedented secularization of Catholic schools. NOTRE DAME, IN — The issuance 50 years ago of the Land O’Lakes Statement by prominent Catholic educators led by Father Theodore Read More

Catholic By Design

The ND School of Architecture earns high praise for pioneering a return to classicism and urban planning nurtured by a Catholic perspective. Duncan G. Stroik is a practicing architect, author, and Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame. His award-winning work includes the renovation of the sanctuary of Saint Mary Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, which Read More

Academic Freedom Wins A Round

Shortly before a band of Notre Dame students drew national attention by walking out on Vice President Pence at commencement, a Notre Dame professor’s stand against student intolerance for unfashionable views had been publicized on national television. We take note. NOTRE DAME, IN — The photo below, which shows a Notre Dame football player being Read More

A (Mostly) Fine Commencement

Some 100-150 members of the class of 2017 “respectfully” walk out on Vice President Pence’s commencement address in an officially sanctioned demonstration. NOTRE DAME, IN — Except for a few minutes of university-sanctioned agitation by a handful of discomposed students, the 2017 Notre Dame commencement was a fine affair. As the sun broke through the threatening Read More

LGBT & Pro-Life Week on Campus

  An April week brought to campus an LGBT protest of Vice President Pence, acknowledgment that the Gender Studies Program contradicts Catholic teaching, and celebrations of both same-sex marriage and pro-life champions. NOTRE DAME, IN — A lot went on at Notre Dame just a few weeks ago. On the LGBT front, Notre Dame student Read More


It Depends on What They Mean by “Small”

With yet another tuition increase far exceeding inflation, the cost of a Notre Dame education balloons to nearly $70,000 next school year. NOTRE DAME, IN — In a February 17 press release, the university announced a tuition increase for next year: Sound familiar? It should. Almost identical press releases with the same tuition increases and phrases Read More


Pence’s Turn for Student Brickbats

  Now it is protests by Notre Dame students against Vice President Pence as commencement speaker rather than against President Trump that have drawn national attention. Notre Dame’s honoring of President Obama in 2009 continues to dog the university. The university’s having Pence instead of Trump as commencement speaker appears designed to mollify Trump supporters Read More


The Commencement Speech That Wasn’t

Fake news: President Trump’s Notre Dame Commencement Address When the news broke that President Trump would not deliver Notre Dame’s 2017 commencement address nor receive an honorary degree despite the university’s tradition of honoring newly elected presidents in this fashion, The Irish Rover, Notre Dame’s independent student newspaper, published the following consolation offering. Trump’s Commencement Read More


The Laetare Medal Misfire, Chapter 2

Notre Dame has chosen a dissident priest to receive the 2017 Laetare Medal. After last year’s unsettling award of the Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden despite his championship of abortion rights and same-sex marriage, one might have hoped for a respite this year. It was not to be. On March 26, Notre Dame Read More


The Ghost of Commencement Past

Notre Dame’s defense against charges of scandal surrounding President Obama’s 2009 commencement address is belied by its refusal to extend the same honor to President Trump. NOTRE DAME, IN —  By declining to invite President Trump to deliver this year’s commencement address after the 2009 invitation to President Obama, the nation’s most pro-abortion president, Father Jenkins scuttled his Read More


Notre Dame and the Election: Apocalypse Now!

Trump’s election was met at Notre Dame with widespread dismay and hostility even though Trump is an ally and Clinton an enemy of the Church on abortion and religious liberty. NOTRE DAME, IN — This is the last of our bulletins on the election. In the first, we discussed issues directly affecting the Church and Notre Read More


The March for Life, the Election, and Notre Dame

The March for Life is energized by the Trump administration as Archbishop Chaput suggests Trump be invited to speak at Notre Dame’s Commencement. NOTRE DAME, IN — In our last bulletin, while acknowledging President Trump’s flaws, the impossibility of predicting his future actions, and the many current controversial political issues, we described how in any event Read More


The Election, the Church, and Notre Dame, Chapter One

  The election of Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton improves the landscape on a number of issues important to the Church and Notre Dame. NOTRE DAME, IN — In this bulletin we discuss how the election of Donald Trump may affect the Church and Notre Dame, and in our next bulletin we’ll describe the Read More

Transgender Conformity

The following First Things article is reproduced with the publisher’s permission. Nova Classical Academy, a K–12 charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the sort of school that most parents seeking a first-rate education for their children can only dream about. Founded in 2003, the school teaches the classical curriculum of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Read More

Father Jenkins and Transgenders, Fact and Fiction

Father Jenkins’s wavering on transgender “rights” calls into question truths of both science and faith. NOTRE DAME, IN — As we’ve reported in a previous bulletin, Father Jenkins has said he’s undecided about the demands of transgendered persons to use the showers, dressing rooms, restrooms, and dormitories of the sex that they claim. He has Read More


Of Obama, Trump, Circuses, and Notre Dame

Notre Dame president considers breaking with more than a half-century tradition of presidential Commencement speeches. NOTRE DAME, IN — In a recent interview, Father John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president, indicated he may not invite president-elect Trump to speak and receive an honorary degree at the 2017 commencement. He said he will decide “sometime during the Read More


“If It Were All Gone, I Should Not Give Up” – Fr. Edward Sorin

Notre Dame is still the best and, along with The Catholic University of America, the most Catholic of the major Catholic universities. We pause during the Thanksgiving weekend to reflect with gratitude on the many manifestations of Catholic faith and learning that continue to grace the University of Notre Dame and for the rich opportunities Read More


God Made Them Man and/or Woman — Your Choice

Notre Dame president wobbles on transgender agenda. Father Jenkins’s public opposition to the NCAA’s action in pulling tournaments out of North Carolina because of the state transgender “bathroom law” was welcome, but what he said in explanation was not. His view that  transgenders’ demands for their choice of showers, locker rooms, dormitories, and bathrooms present Read More


Misrepresentation As “Civil Discourse” At Notre Dame

Notre Dame President publicly misrepresents Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, a critic of his Laetare Medal award to Vice President Biden. In a just published Commonweal interview, Father John I. Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, levels a wholly baseless charge against Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, one of the Church’s most respected Read More


A Tale of Two Speeches

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput recently spoke to an appreciative audience at Notre Dame about the deterioration of morals and the unraveling of family in our society as well as the scandal of the award of Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal to Vice President Joseph Biden. On September 15, a few days after the appearance at Notre Dame Read More


“Justice Ruth, She Speaks the Truth!”???

Despite Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s  long record of judicial activism subverting  core Catholic values, the Notre Dame administration assembled half the campus to celebrate her life and career.   NOTRE DAME, IN – At the instance of Notre Dame’s president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the university last Monday once again celebrated a prominent champion of Read More


The Camel, The Tent, and The Nose

The Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s (GALA) has applied to the Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA) for official recognition. NOTRE DAME, IN – GALA has for some years sought, and has had some success in gaining, a foothold on campus. It achieved one of its most important goals with the Read More


A Half-Century Drift From The Church

For more than a half century, Notre Dame has patiently paved the way for social change, leading the way in… We reproduce below with permission an article by Bill Dempsey that appeared recently in  First Things. Bill writes about the debt owed by Catholic pro-choice politicians like Sen. Kaine and Vice President Biden to Notre Dame and Read More


Notre Dame’s Necessary Climate Change

  Notre Dame releases “deeply troubling” findings on student rapes in its second “Student Climate” survey. The university recently released the results of a 2015 survey of the entire student body respecting sexual assaults. The report discloses the gravity of this problem. With 38% of the students responding, a “deeply troubling” 6% of females and 2% of Read More


Land O’Lakes On Steroids

The ascendancy of the Land O’Lakes statement, the charter for the secularization of Catholic universities, over Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Pope John Paul II’s charter for the preservation of their Catholic identity. In this final bulletin on the Laetare Medal/Biden episode, we consider its broad significance. As Bishop Rhoades declared, the university has given scandal, but Read More


Graduate Like A Champion Today

While degrees were conferred on 2,163 undergraduates, one member of the 2016 class explained in a moving essay why she sat out the university’s 171’st Commencement Ceremony because of her abiding devotion to Notre Dame. In this bulletin, we reproduce from the valuable Internet publication Ethika Politika an absorbing essay, ”Why I Didn’t Attend My Notre Dame Graduation,” by Read More


“Grave Moral Reservations” Won’t Stop Us!

Notre Dame offers a transparently infirm defense for again embracing a pro-choice politician while the Center for Ethics & Culture raises the pro-life flag. In this bulletin, we first note the jarring juxtaposition of Father Jenkins’s assertion that some of Vice President Biden’s and Speaker Boehner’s actions raise “grave moral reservations” while handing them the Laetare Read More


The Sound of Silence: Cardinal Wuerl, Commencement Absentee

The word ‘choice’ is a smokescreen behind which those killing unborn children take refuge. Every chance you get, blow that smoke away.  (Donald Cardinal Wuerl) Cardinal Wuerl has dispelled any notion that his acceptance of an honorary degree suggests approval of Notre Dame’s award of the Laetare Medal to Vice President Biden and has instead Read More


The Little Sisters vs. Notre Dame

On religious liberty, these women have something to teach the Fighting Irish. Wall Street Journal columnist and editorial board member William McGurn (ND ’80) declares the Little Sisters the winner and counts Notre Dame out in the Obamacare abortifacient/contraception battle. “Even with courts ruling against them and the threat of fines of $70 million a Read More


Bishop Rhoades on Biden, Jenkins and Laetare

“I believe it is wrong for Notre Dame to honor any ‘pro-choice’ public official with the Laetare Medal.” (Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades , Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese) Statement of Bishop Rhoades Monday, March 14, 2016 FORT WAYNE, IN — In response to many inquiries, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend, the diocese where Read More


Notre Dame’s Faculty Misadventure Chapter III

It’s no secret that there are divergent views within the Administration (Guest) NOTRE DAME, IN —We close our discussion of the faculty question by reproducing exchange on our website between an anonymous commentator, “Guest,” evidently a member of the faculty, and Bill Dempsey. Guest is well informed and makes perhaps the best argument that can Read More


Notre Dame’s Faculty Misadventure Chapter II

“Great Catholic colleges and universities have to be great on their own terms, not by the standards of those who do not understand the rationale, purpose, and mission of Catholic higher education.” (Dr. Christian Smith, William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology, Notre Dame.) NOTRE DAME, IN — In our last bulletin we showed that Notre Read More


Notre Dame’s Faculty Misadventure Chapter I

“The University should not compromise its academic aspirations in its efforts to maintain its Catholic identity.” (Notre Dame Faculty Senate) NOTRE DAME, IN — Notre Dame has recognized that its character depends ultimately upon who’s teaching and what they teach. It has declared: “The Catholic identity of the University depends upon the continuing presence of Read More


What Notre Dame Should Fight For

NOTRE DAME, IN — The Irish Rover’s examination of the history of the Notre Dame “What Would You Fight For” football game TV videos shows that Notre Dame “fights for” good things that everyone else does too, but not for anything that secular schools would not. That is, not for anything that would mark Notre Dame Read More


NDCatholic.com Update

NOTRE DAME, IN — We are obliged to inform our subscribers that Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., is no longer associated with the website NDCatholic.com, which we established to house Father’s recommendations of Notre Dame faculty whom students could count on for an authentic Catholic education.  The radical reduction of Catholic presence on the Notre Read More


Introducing NDCatholic.com

For a Catholic institution to live up fully to its promise, it must have devoted teachers and scholars who aim to stir in their students a hunger for the truth. (Rev. Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.) NOTRE DAME, IN — We are pleased to introduce our readers to NDCatholic.com, a new website in which Rev. Wilson D. Read More

Notre Dame’s China Trap

“[It is] ludicrous that Notre Dame should establish a college with China when the Vatican is essentially excluded from China” NOTRE DAME, IN — We report here on Notre Dame’s desire to partner with a Chinese state-owned and controlled university in operating a liberal arts college in China despite China’s appalling and intensifying persecution of Read More

The Cost of Conforming

What is wrong is not that [the ND administration] aims too high, it is that it aims far too low.  (Dr. Cyril O’Regan) NOTRE DAME, IN — The permission given by the administration to a faculty committee to consider abridging the theology requirement evidences the weakening of the school’s Catholic identity. A leading Notre Dame Read More


Board Developments

We are pleased to announce in this bulletin the election of Bill Dempsey (’52) as Chairman of the Sycamore Trust Board, of Ed Adams (’63) as President, and of Larry Kyte (‘60) as a new Board member, and the appointment of Tim Dempsey (‘89) as Executive Director. We close this bulletin with a summary of Read More


ND Scuttles Traditional Marriage Group

NOTRE DAME, IN — In a startling and deeply disappointing action, Notre Dame’s Office of Student Affairs has denied the application of the student organization SCOP (Students for Child Oriented Policy) for recognition. This decision comes in the wake of hundreds of student signatories to the error-riddled and malign anti-SCOP petition that we described in Read More


ND Students Against Gay Marriage Assailed

NOTRE DAME, IN — In the wake of last year’s approval of a gay student organization, another breaker in the gay rights tsunami has hit Notre Dame. A recent move by Notre Dame students to advance the Church’s teaching on gay marriage was promptly countered by strong opposition from gay rights supporters. The students faithful Read More


Promoting Gay Marriage at Notre Dame

  NOTRE DAME, IN — The Gay Film Festival and the lesbian-themed Vagina Monologues are gone for now, but we have just been given a new and even more troubling example of what is likely in store in wake of the university’s approval of a gay student organization. The Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association of Read More


A Gay Student Club At Notre Dome?

NOTRE DAME, IN — Notre Dame has in the past resolutely denied repeated petitions by faculty and students for inclusion of “sexual orientation” in its non-discrimination clause and for official recognition of a homosexual/lesbian student club.  It responded to these petitions instead by adopting its praiseworthy “Spirit of Inclusion” declaration of non-discrimination and by providing a host Read More


A Gay Club At Notre Dame?

NOTRE DAME, IN — Notre Dame has in the past resolutely denied repeated petitions by faculty and students for inclusion of “sexual orientation” in its non-discrimination clause and for official recognition of a homosexual/lesbian student club.  It responded to these petitions instead by adopting its praiseworthy “Spirit of Inclusion” declaration of non-discrimination and by providing a host Read More

Seperation of Faith and Reason

NOTRE DAME, IN — In our last bulletin we gave you the account of major fault lines in the Catholic identity of the University by two 2012 graduates and Irish Rover principals. In this bulletin we bring you the perspective of a prominent long-time member of the faculty, Professor Alfred Freddoso. In the next bulletin, we will Read More



Claire Gillen Cousino at this year’s Sycamore Annual Breakfast at Alumni Weekend. NOTRE DAME, IN — In this bulletin, we bring you the perspective of two knowledgeable 2012 graduates on the Catholic identity of Notre Dame. In the concluding Notes, we turn again to the litigation over the contraception / abortiacient / sterilization mandate. The Read More


(Mis)Reading and (Mis)Representation

NOTRE DAME, IN — Over 150 Notre Dame faculty call for Bishop Daniel R. Jenky’s resignation as a Notre Dame Fellow and Trustee upon their doctored version of  a homily by Bishop Jenky in which he criticized President Obama’s incursions on religious liberty. In a letter to Fr. Jenkins and Board Chairman Richard Notebaert, over 150 Notre Read More


Back Off, You Monsters!

SOUTH BEND, IN — We are relieved to report that we are not alone in drawing unfriendly fire for calling attention to fault lines in Notre Dame’s Catholic identity. Herewith a somewhat agitated, shall we say, unedited message from a Notre Dame professor to TFP Student Action about its disclosure that a Notre Dame department has listed pro-abortion organizations as Read More


Here, Just Don’t Use Them

SOUTH BEND, IN —The Obama administration intends to force Notre Dame and other Catholic schools to become enablers for student fornication.While Father Jenkins nevertheless maintains his silence, a Notre Dame professor speaks up: “The immorality of birth control is no longer a teaching of the Catholic Church.” The contraception mandate for students. In a notice Read More


Silence Isn’t Golden

SOUTH BEND, IN — In this bulletin we respond to the criticism of an alumnus and highlight recent developments in the contraception controversy — including the strange silence that has fallen on Notre Dame and Father Jenkins’s bootless talks with the White House. “I resent your right wing political rant. Your monologue is hate- filled Read More


Bleep, Country, Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, IN — In this bulletin we discuss the Obama Administration’s odious regulation requiring employers other than churches, including Notre Dame, to make available to their employees insurance coverage for abortifacients, sterilization, and contraception. Under intense pressure from the Catholic bishops and a host of other religious and political parties including Notre Dame, President Read More


Hide and Seek

SOUTH BEND, IN — This bulletin is an important preface to a coming bulletin in which we will review comprehensively the weakening of the Catholic presence on the faculty so radical that, as we have shown before, the school no longer meets its own test of Catholic identity. Here, our principal subject is the damaging and Read More


Missing The Point

SOUTH BEND, IN — In a recent Irish Rover article, Father Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C., professor of history at Notre Dame, former chairman of the department, and president of Notre Dame Faculty for Life, describes why “there is good reason to believe” that the Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Richard C. Notebaert, “is ill-suited Read More


Identity Crisis

SOUTH BEND, IN —In this bulletin we describe, among other happenings, the University’s role in the distribution of pornography to students. First, however, we offer some introductory comments about the disparate messages sent by various of the University’s actions. Notre Dame is beset by an identity crisis, neither truly Catholic nor fully secular. It fails Read More


Carter Snead to Lead The Center for Ethics & Culture

SOUTH BEND, IN — We are very pleased to bring to you the news just released by the University that the successor to Dr. David Solomon as Director of the Center for Ethics and Culture will be Professor O. Carter Snead of the Notre Dame Law School. We have had our say about the dark Read More


He Thought I Meant What?

SOUTH BEND, IN — In this bulletin we discuss two events: The first is Notre Dame’s protest of the government’s proposed regulation that would require the University to provide contraception and sterilization coverage in its employee health insurance policies. While Notre Dame’s move is laudable, in important respects Fr. Jenkins’s statement is not. The second Read More


How Else Can You See It?

SOUTH BEND, IN — In the recent bulletin in which we disclosed the departure from the Notre Dame Board of Trustees of a prominent proponent of embryonic stem cell research (hereafter “ESCR”), Dr. Marye Anne Fox, we said we would examine the University’s record respecting this research in a future bulletin. That is what we Read More



David Solomon and Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C at the March for Life in Washington DC. SOUTH BEND, IN — With this bulletin we provide to you “Saving Notre Dame’s Soul,” an extraordinary interview of Father Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C. by Kathyn Lopez of the National Catholic Register. Father Miscamble, a former rector of Moreau Seminary and Chair Read More



SOUTH BEND, IN —We are pleased to report that there has been another departure from the Notre Dame Board of Trustees that is even more significant than the recent resignation of Roxanne Martino, a supporter of pro-abortion organizations whose inexplicable appointment and speedy resignation we have chronicled in recent (see Beating Around the Bush, Just Read More


Beating Around The Bush

In this bulletin, we describe the misdirection employed by top leaders of the University in their effort to salvage the appointment to the board of  trustees  of a long-time supporter of pro-abortion organizations and what this sorry episode means in the struggle for the soul of the University. SOUTH BEND, IN —While the resignation of Read More


Whats our Story Today?

We have now studied the Agreement that ended the ND88 criminal prosecutions.  Together with the preceding events, it tells an instructive story that we recount in this bulletin. SOUTH BEND, IN — The obvious question is why the University reversed course after two years of supporting the prosecutions. The University seems to suggest that it Read More


Just Stop Talking!

Sycamore Trust has discovered that the contributions of Roxanne M. Martino, the new Notre Dame Trustee, to the stridently pro-abortion Emily’s List are even more extensive than previously reported. What’s more, we’ve learned that the Chairman of the Board has assured the other Board members that Ms. Martino didn’t know what she was doing. Will Read More


Goliath Strikes Again

At the eleventh hour, the Alumni Association has forced us to change critical arrangements for our June 4th Annual Breakfast at Alumni Reunion Weekend. SOUTH BEND, IN — The Alumni Association has directed the Morris Inn to close down our Annual Breakfast at 9:45 a.m. — almost an hour earlier than the set time of Read More


Notre Dame Fellows Elect Pro-Abortion Trustee

Notre Dame Fellows elect a new Trustee who gave thousands to pro-abortion groups, including Emily’s List with its focus on “electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.” The Cardinal Newman Society last week reported the stunning news that the Chicago businesswoman just elected to the Notre Dame Board of Trustees, Roxanne M. Martino, has in recent years contributed sizable sums to pro-abortion Read More


ND 88 Free At Last

In this special bulletin, we are pleased to report that, after two years, charges have been dropped against the ND 88. Counsel for Notre Dame and for the ND88 announced today a settlement pursuant to which the criminal charges against the ND88 have been dismissed. Under the agreement, the ND88 agreed not to sue the University for Read More


Faculty Senate Snubs President

In this bulletin, we lead with an account of a stunning rebuff by the Notre Dame Faculty Senate of Father Jenkins for his participation in the March for Life, further evidence of the radically weakened Catholic presence on the faculty.In a sharp blow at the pro-life cause at Notre Dame, the Faculty Senate recently refused Read More


The Teacher, The University and Sycamore

In this bulletin, we mark the recent anniversary of the passing of one of Notre Dame’s greatest teachers, scholars and Catholics, Dr. Ralph McInerny, by recounting his mounting distress over the weakening of the Catholic identity of Notre Dame along with his praise of Sycamore Trust. It is indispensable and illuminating, if painful, to see Read More


Becoming Pro-Choice at Notre Dame

In our last bulletin we described the alarming abandonment of pro-life convictions by Notre Dame students, the evidence of  pro-choice faculty sentiment,  and the open dissent from Church teaching by prominent Notre Dame professors. But we promised better news the next time. So here it is: The March for Life   Notre Dame participation in the recent Read More


Did I Say Pro-Life?

The most prominent leader of pro-abortion Catholics welcomes statement of high profile Notre Dame ethicist and lawyer that abortion to protect the health or life of the mother and in cases of rape is morally justified and should be legally protected. According to an alarming recent study, a large number of students become pro-choice while at Read More


Paying The Price For Non-Violence

Fr. Norman Weslin arrested at Notre Dame A professor, a priest, and counsel denounce as discriminatory and discreditable Notre Dame’s pressing criminal charges against pro-life demonstrators. Notre Dame’s support of the prosecution of the pro-life ND88 demonstrators was a major topic of discussion at last June’s annual breakfast meeting of Sycamore Trust at Notre Dame. Read More


Notre Dame, The Pope, and Gays

SOUTH BEND, IN – Notre Dame administration denounces allegedly anti-gay cartoon but yawns at cartoon brutally lampooning the Pope as evidence surfaces of anti-Catholic pro-gay bias in faculty hiring. In a recent bulletin we displayed this vicious caricature of the Pope that was reproduced recently in the University-approved school paper, The Observer: click to enlarge   Our purpose Read More


Unfriendly Fire

Bill Kirk (’84, Law ’88) SOUTH BEND, IN – Notre Dame’s abrupt dismissal of a high-ranking, outspoken advocate for life dismays many as a sign of times to come. In a stunning development with ominous implications, the University has dismissed a long-time top officer, Bill Kirk, who was the only member of the Administration to Read More


Pro-Gay Campaign at Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, IN – The Student Gay Rights Campaign and Censorship of Church Teaching. In this bulletin we describe a student-led campaign for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the University’s anti-discrimination provision, and we also alert those in the Chicago area to a talk that Bill Dempsey, President of Sycamore Trust, will give at Read More


Hidden Agendas?

SOUTH BEND, IN – Notre Dame absolves pro-gay and anti-military trespassers but supports prosecution of pro-life demonstrators; Father Hesburgh accedes to Speaker Pelosi’s request to call key Congressman about health care bill. We have learned that a few years ago the University dropped trespass charges against pro-gay and anti-military demonstrators. This contrasts sharply with the Read More


Ralph McInerny, Requiescat in Pace

Dr. Ralph McInerny, an internationally acclaimed scholar who was for 55 years one of Notre Dame’s most beloved and influential teachers, died on Friday, January 29 at age 80. The feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, to whose work Dr. McInerny had devoted so much of his life, had just passed. Dr. McInerny was first Read More


Update on the ND 88 & The Gay Rights March

SOUTH BEND, IN – The ND 88 and The Gay Rights March: Rationalizations and Silence. In this bulletin, we ask again that you consider a year-end donation to Sycamore Trust and  we update our reports on two matters, the trespass prosecutions against the Commencement Day demonstrators (the “ND 88”) and the University’s support of student Read More


How Pro-Life is Notre Dame?

SOUTH BEND, IN – Notre Dame Greets a New Pro-life Bishop While Father Jenkins Continues to Serve on a Pro-abortion Board. Father Jenkins declared that Notre Dame “engaged with” President Obama because “we care so much” about abortion and embryonic stem cell research. We will from time to time examine the nature and degree of this Read More


Gays Marching, Five More Years for Fr. Jenkins

University supports students’ participation in “Gay Rights” March; Father Jenkins is reappointed President; Father McBrien disparages Eucharistic Adoration. On the heels of Father Jenkins’s announcement that he will, for the first time, participate in the Washington, D.C. March for Life came the startling news that the University had approved the payment of expenses of students Read More


Notre Dame Washes its Hands

The Notre Dame Board of Trustees holds its Fall meeting on October 16th. We have sent to the Trustees the same analysis of the secularization of the University that we provided the Fellows in August, together with a summary of that analysisand comments on several new events. They include Father Jenkins’s announcement of pro-life initiatives and his washing Read More


Tell The Fellows What You Think NOW!

NOTRE DAME, IN – As we have noted before, the Fellows of the University,  the ultimate repositories of authority, are charged by the University’s Statutes with maintaining the Catholic identity of the University. We understand they are to hold a special meeting on August 21st, presumably at least in part because of the Obama episode. An aspect Read More


Bishop D’Arcy on “The Church and the University”

NOTRE DAME, IN – In the current issue of America, Bishop John M. D’Arcy of Fort Wayne/South Bend exposes with eloquence and clarity the triple vices in Notre Dame’s paying tribute to President Obama, while Archbishop Quinn uses the Notre Dame tag line in order to present irrelevant remarks “originally prepared for the June meeting of Read More


Notre Dame Commencement

Notre Dame Commencement: As It Should Have Been NOTRE DAME, IN – Thousands scorn the University’s tribute to President Obama and, chosing “truth over prestige,” celebrate with students and Bishop John M. D’Arcy. (This bulletin consists of an account by Bill Dempsey of the events sponsored by the student group ND Response on Graduation Day. Bill and Read More


Notre Dame vs. Church

Notre Dame’s Imminent Honoring of President Obama Triggers a Storm of Protest We have received countless messages and copies of letters to the University that are suffused with anger, sorrow, and indignation. Alumni are turning diplomas to the wall, putting class rings in drawers, ceasing contributions, changing wills, and resolving not to send children to Read More


Protest ND Obama Tribute

NOTRE DAME, IN – Notre Dame’s prospective honoring of President Obama unleashes a storm of protest. So far thirty-four bishops, including two Cardinals, have joined Bishop D’Arcy in condemning this action. The fissure between University and Church disclosed last year when fifty bishops moved their conference from Notre Dame because of the Vagina Monologues has Read More


ND Website Undermines Catholic Teaching

NOTRE DAME, IN – University continues links to faculty group website recommending pro-abortion organizations, urging more lesbian and homosexual faculty, and more. In this post, we return to the subject of a prior report: an organization of prominent women faculty, ND Watch, whose website contains materials flagrantly hostile to the Catholic character of the University and Read More


Law professor says Catholic Identity is a question of will

NOTRE DAME, IN – Professor Emeritus Charles Rice describes the erosion of Catholic identity accompanying Notre Dame’s drive for top ranking as a research university. In a recent essay in The Observer, Law School Professor Emeritus Charles Rice examines several troublesome by-products of the University’s drive to be recognized as a top tier research institution. All of Read More


ND Board Looks Other Way

NOTRE DAME, IN – Prominent Notre Dame board members advocate for the Vagina Monologues, stem cell research, and commercial pornography. In a recent issue (vol. vi #5), the independent student publication The Irish Rover featured four articles respecting Catholic identity that cover too many subjects for us to discuss in a single newsletter. Accordingly, we will postpone Read More


Status Report and Request

NOTRE DAME, IN – A firmly established Sycamore Trust turns attention to building financial support to further its mission. While we have in the past been restrained in requesting contributions because we wanted to see what prospects would be for this new venture, a number of you have generously provided support. We have, therefore, been able Read More


Father Jenkins’s “Creative Contextualization”

NOTRE DAME, IN – Dr. Thomas S. Hibbs reflects on the fallout from and issues raised by Fr. Jenkins’s decision to keep The Vagina Monologues on campus. In the cover article of the August/September issue of The Catholic World Report,Dr. Thomas S. Hibbs, Dean of the Honors College of Baylor University, provides an exceptionally insightful discussion of The Vagina Monologues episode. He brings to Read More


ND Scholar Applauds Sycamore Trust

NOTRE DAME, IN – University scholar calls Sycamore Trust “a model of calm and reasonable yet unrelenting friendly questioning of recent events on the South Bend campus.” In a recent column appearing in the Internet publication The Catholic Thing, one of the most honored Notre Dame scholars, Dr. Ralph McInerny, discusses the University’s Catholic identity and the Read More


V-Monologues as Farce

NOTRE DAME, IN – Vagina Monologues audience shuns “dialogue with the Catholic tradition” prescribed by Fr. Jenkins. In our letter of July 10, 2008, to Father Jenkins, we pointed out how this year’s student production of The Vagina Monologues failed to meet his requirement that the students in the audience receive an explanation from panelists of Read More


The Pope vs. The Professors

NOTRE DAME, IN – The Pope celebrates Catholic identity; Notre Dame’s Mission Statement requires it; the Notre Dame Faculty Senate sidelines it. “The University should not compromise its academic aspirations in its efforts to maintain its Catholic identity.” Notre Dame Faculty Senate, April 9, 2008 On April 17, 2008, the Pope, in his address to Read More


Would ND welcome a Professor Ratzinger on its faculty?

NOTRE DAME, IN – As Notre Dame reflects on its heritage in anticipation of the Pope’s comments on Catholic higher education, could it be that the students are the most Catholic part of the University left. In a Wall Street Journal feature opinion essay titled “The Weekend Interview: Rev. John I. Jenkins, Catholicism, Inc., deputy Read More


V-Monologues Despoil Easter Week

NOTRE DAME, IN – Bishop D’Arcy denounces Father Jenkins’s decision to permit the Vagina Monologues Easter week. It is with profound regret that we report that Father Jenkins, having authorized multiple student performances of The Vagina Monologues, has also permitted those performances to take place during Easter Week. They are to be held on each Read More


Vagina Monologues 2, Bishops 0

NOTRE DAME, IN – Father Jenkins disappoints again. The Vagina Monologues will, after all, be performed on campus later this month. We recently reported that some 50 bishops had moved their conference off campus because the play might be produced. Father Jenkins has now decided it will be. He says this “best serves the distinctive” Read More


Decision Pending as Project Sycamore Petitions Father Jenkins

NOTRE DAME, IN – Project Sycamore sends petition with 940 alumni signatures to Fr. Jenkins. In this bulletin we reproduce the letter we have sent to Father Jenkins respecting The Vagina Monologues, and we also provide additional information respecting both the current state of affairs and the recent episode involving the bishops that was the subject of Read More


Bishops Shun Notre Dame

NOTRE DAME, IN – Vagina Monologues in, bishops out, parents in the dark. Last year’s respite from on-campus performances of The Vagina Monologues has evidently ended. The play has departmental sponsorship and is slated for performance on March 24-26. In an even more startling development, Father Jenkins has refused the request of the U.S. Bishops’ Read More


University Declines to Release Hiring Results

NOTRE DAME, IN – New faculty hiring policy undermines Catholic identity as University declines to release hiring results. We deeply regret bringing you news of a new hiring policy that, unless changed, will soon fatally compromise Notre Dame’s Catholic identity. Here are the facts: As we have stressed, all studies confirm that a university’s religious Read More


Who Cares if Non-Catholics Predominate on Notre Dame’s Faculty?

We bring you a trilogy of articles that should be required reading for all members of the Notre Dame family. In these articles, two of the University’s leading scholars exchange contrasting views respecting the question whether Notre Dame’s Catholic identity is threatened because of the precipitous decline in the proportion of Catholics on the faculty. Read More


Faculty Site Promotes Material Hostile Catholic Character

NOTRE DAME, IN – Faculty group website recommends pro-abortion organizations, urges more lesbian and homosexual faculty, and provides other noteworthy insights. An organization of women faculty at Notre Dame called ND Watch has a website that, while providing useful information for new women faculty members, also contains material hostile to the Catholic character of the University. We Read More


Must Read Article by Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.

NOTRE DAME, IN – Prominent Notre Dame professor publishes “must read” article on University’s secularization. In the September 10, 2007, issue of “America,” Father Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., describes in compelling detail the extent to which the Notre Dame faculty has been secularized. “America” deserves praise for publishing, and Father Miscamble for writing, this courageous Read More


The Heart of the Matter – The Means to the End

NOTRE DAME, IN – Should those in governance ensure that the faculty’s latitude in hiring will not trump the Mission Statement? How can the Mission Statement’s requirement be met? Although the President holds ultimate authority, as a practical matter hiring has been left almost entirely to departmental faculties. Father Jenkins has been stressing the need Read More


The Heart of the Matter – Soothing Melodies, Happy Memories

NOTRE DAME, IN – If the risk to Notre Dame’s Catholic identity is so evident, why don’t more seem concerned? Here’s an interesting question for discussion. We’ve heard from some who think the number one goal for Notre Dame should be still further improvement in its academic reputation in secular academe. If that means continued Read More


The Heart of the Matter – Rank Over Religion

NOTRE DAME, IN – What’s more important, Catholic identity or pride of position in the U.S. News & World Report hierarchy? Some, perhaps many, will argue that it’s more important to pursue scholars with the most impressive academic credentials than it is to maintain a Catholic majority on the faculty. They regard Father Jenkins’s goal of boosting Read More


The Heart of the Matter

NOTRE DAME, IN – While manifestations of Catholic life at Notre Dame are abundant, is there a potentially fatal fault line that has opened out of public view? Let’s begin this discussion with the threshold question whether there is a serious threat to the Catholic identity of Notre Dame. I say there is. The School’s Mission Read More


Vagina Monologues Off Campus This Year

NEWS ALERT – VAGINA MONOLOGUES OFF CAMPUS THIS YEAR, BACK IN 2008 We are pleased to report that, because no Academic Department was willing to sponsor “The Vagina Monologues” this year, the organizers are now planning to move the production off campus. However, according to the account in The Observer, the play’s spokesperson said that the Read More


Preparations Begin for 6th Production of the Vagina Monologues

NOTRE DAME, IN – PREPARATIONS BEGIN FOR 6th PRODUCTION OF THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES In its recent issue, the student publication The Irish Rover confirmed other reports that a student group has begun preparations for another staging of “The Vagina Monologues.” As we note on the Project Sycamore website, Father Jenkins has stated that, if this issue arises again, Read More


The Challenge to Notre Dame’s Catholic Identity

NOTRE DAME, IN – THE CHALLENGE TO NOTRE DAME’S CATHOLIC IDENTITY Dear alumni and other members of the Notre Dame family: We have sent to a number of other alumni a message explaining the purposes of Project Sycamore that we urge you to examine. In it we summarize, and provide links to, significant information that Read More


Faculty Hiring Trends Hard to Reverse

Faculty Hiring Trends Hard to Reverse To supporters of, and those interested in, Project Sycamore: We are encouraged by the response so far to our limited initial communication. We want to thank those who have signed the petition, those who have written with encouragement and criticisms, and those who have contributed. We soon intend to Read More