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Notre Dame, Pornography Middleman

We reproduce below a moderately shortened letter from some 90 “Men of Notre Dame” presenting their petition to the University to install a pornography filter on the Notre Dame Wi-Fi network, together with an endorsement by some 70 “Women of Notre Dame.” (The complete documents are here and here.) The students have collected over 1,000 […]

McCarrick Redux

[Editor’s note: After Fr. Miscamble’s  article was published, Fr. Jenkins issued a second statement on the sexual abuse issue that we will discuss in a coming bulletin and that Fr. Miscamble would have noted, but since Fr. Jenkins did not mention the McCarrick matter, Fr. Miscamble’s analysis of that and related issues is unaffected. In anticipation […]

Notre Dame Ducks!

As it becomes ever clearer that the McCarrick episode is at the epicenter of the sexual assault tumult, Father Jenkins’s decision to leave in place the Archbishop’s honorary degree until some distant proceeding in Rome, should it ever occur, becomes ever more perplexing and disturbing. As we have shown, the revocation of Bill Cosby’s honorary […]

About Millstones

Father John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Notre Dame’s president, has decided to let stand the honorary degree it awarded Archbishop Theodore McCarrick pending a canonical trial.. Fr. Jenkins found “no reason to question” the New York Archdiocese’s determination that allegations of sexual abuse by Archbishop McCarrick were “credible and substantiated,” and he noted that Pope Francis […]

“Malicious!” “Preposterous!”

As we noted in our last bulletin, a new lawsuit has been filed claiming that Notre Dame hasn’t gone far enough in scuttling its long-standing policy against providing contraceptives to employees and students. With the University’s having repudiated its sworn protestations to the court that it couldn’t in conscience do what it is now doing, […]

“Notre Dame Swallows the Pill”

Notre Dame Swallows the Pill by  Gerard V. Bradley Reprinted with permission from The Public Discourse. February 8th, 2018 The University has announced it is to be the sole funder, unaccompanied proprietor, and director of distribution of what it has solemnly declared for years to be an immoral service. But the Holy Spirit is not […]

Giving Discernment a Bad Name

We now have the fourth installment of Father Jenkins’s Policy-of-the-Month contraception misadventure. He has finally decided to claim an exemption from the Obamacare mandate and to have the University itself, rather than the insurance companies, provide contraceptives, but not abortificiants, to employees and students. Accordingly, Notre Dame will now, surely for the first time and […]

“Regulation of Birth” at Notre Dame?

[sta_anchor id=”top”]Notre Dame has not accepted the exemption from the Obamacare abortifcient/contraception mandate made available by the Trump administration but instead has notified its employees that they will continue receiving free abortifacients and contraceptives in 2018 from the administrator of the university’s health insurance plan. There is time for Notre Dame to change its mind […]

On Whose Shoulders Then Do We Stand?

  Father Bill Miscamble, C.S.C., files a dissenting opinion from Dean John T. McGreevey’s characterization of yesterday’s Notre Dame as “mediocre,” as we do from his declaration, without visible means of support, that today’s Notre Dame is “more Catholic” than it was fifty years ago under Father Ted Hesburgh NOTRE DAME, IN – Alumni who tire […]