A Day To Support Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission


You can support the students who fight daily for the Catholic mission of #NotreDame by giving to them on #NDDAY April 23. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet

Notre Dame Day, which begins this evening and runs through tomorrow, provides an unusual opportunity to support Notre Dame organizations devoted to the Catholic mission of the University. The live streaming broadcast  begins at 6:42 PM ET tonight and ends at 12:11 AM ET on April 24. You can watch below, read a FAQ, and learn about the purposes and content on the project’s page.

But you need not watch to participate. The University is putting up a pot of $1,000,000 that will be divided among a legion of student, faculty, and alumni organizations and activities according to how many “votes” each receives. A mere ten dollars will get you five votes, which you may cast for one or more organizations as you wish. We understand that typically a ten dollar donation brings something in the way of six times that amount to the designated organization.

We encourage you to use this unusual opportunity to provide financial support to organizations that are indispensable to the Catholic mission of the University. We have requests from two of those  organizations, the Knights of Columbus and Students for a Child-Oriented Society (SCOP), to urge our subscribers to participate in support of their and other student organizations.  We are happy to do so.

Knights of Columbus

For the Knights, Kevin Angell, Deputy Grand Knight, says in part:

Because we donate 100% of what we raise through our steak sales (we raised and donated $100,000 this year) and the university does not fund us, we rely on donations to supplement our endowment and dues to operate the council. Running our 1920’s era building is expensive, and we seek to make sure that we can keep costs down for members so that financial need is not a constraint to participation. This year, we are fundraising for various building improvements (lighting, furniture, kitchen equipment) since our building has not been significantly updated since the late 1960s as well as for apparel to help us be a more visible presence on campus.

We will be saying more about the Knights, as well as SCOP, in later bulletins — in particular as to the Knights, their truly inspiring relationship with the Women’s Care Center.



Students for a Child-Oriented Society

For SCOP, its president, Shaun Evans, says in part:

Last semester, we sponsored White Ribbon Against Pornography Week. This semester, we brought two speakers to campus: Dan Mattson addressed the topic Same Sex Attraction and Catholicism with compassion and fidelity to the Church’s teaching, and Prof. Mark Regnerus addressed the topic of Cheap Sex: The Economics of Modern Love, discussing the effects brought about in the dating pool by pornography, contraception, and online dating. Donations  will help us to continue to bring high quality speakers to campus.

You may recall that SCOP was initially denied official recognition by the University, which triggered a wave of protests from us and others. It continues to play an essential role in illuminating Church teachings that are especially needed in today’s culture on campus and off.



Support Catholic Identity on Campus

This is a once-a-year opportunity to support these dedicated students with contributions that, even if modest, have multiplier effects. We earnestly urge you to take a few minutes and pitch in.  Shaun Evans has provided donation information about other student organizations, all of which are worthy of your consideration. Sycamore Trust has contributed to each of them in the past and will continue to do so. (We should note that The Irish Rover is not listed because it is not an official Notre Dame club. You can, of course, make a tax-free donation anyway here.)

You can donate to the Knights and SCOP as well as to the others and learn more about them by clicking on the links below: