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NOTRE DAME, IN – As we have noted before, the Fellows of the University,  the ultimate repositories of authority, are charged by the University’s Statutes with maintaining the Catholic identity of the University. We understand they are to hold a special meeting on August 21st, presumably at least in part because of the Obama episode. An aspect of that unhappy affair that is especially worrisome is the strong faculty support of the honoring of the President.  As we have regularly emphasized, it is the secularization of the faculty that is the ultimate cause of the outward signs of the University’s loss of Catholic identity.

We have, accordingly, sent to the Fellows a letter in which we summarize the results of our study of the University over the past several years with a special focus on the faculty issue.  Our principal point is that both the Fellows and the Board have a fiduciary obligation to see to it that enough committed and qualified Catholics are hired so that the Mission Statement requirement that Catholics predominate is met. This is not, we insist, discretionary. It is obligatory.  If that duty is discharged, there will be no need to worry about repellant events such as The Vagina Monologues or the Queer Film Festival or breaches with the Church such as those we have seen over the past several years.

Please examine our letter and, if you agree, let the Fellows know right away, and also tell them what you think about the conferring of honors upon President Obama. If enough draw attention to our letter, the Fellows will have good reason to examine it. And if enough speak of the Obama episode, it will be evidence that this is not a matter that can safely be ignored on the supposition that it will soon be forgotten.

The contact information for the Fellows is displayed on our website.  Some can be reached only by postal service.  The time is short. We urge you to act now.

We will be in touch with you again with a similar recommendation and the necessary information with respect to the Board of  Trustees in advance of its fall meeting.

Here is what we wrote:

We write as officers and directors of Sycamore Trust to summarize the principal findings of our several years’ study of issues relating to the Catholic identity of Notre Dame and to urge that the Fellows take the action these findings show to be necessary… (read full letter)

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