Diversity & Tolerance — Of What?


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Notre Dame’s student government led off the new school year by handing all students free subscriptions to the New York Times (and no other newspaper) and bringing on a director of gender relations with a history of hostility toward Catholic teaching. We describe these decisions below and examine other recent actions in Notre Dame’s gender relations programs.

The New Gender Relations Agenda

Last spring, the Notre Dame student government confirmed incoming senior Anne Jarrett as the director of gender relations for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Jarrett is an active and outspoken member of Irish 4 Reproductive Health (I4RH), an unofficial student group that provides free condoms to students under a Planned Parenthood sponsored program and is suing Notre Dame to require it to provide free abortifacients under its health insurance programs. 

(The university’s tacit consent to this dormitory condom delivery service makes a joke of its disciplinary warning against extra-marital sex, an injunction that had already been drained of credibility by Father Jenkins’s about-face in the Obamacare mandate litigation with his decision to provide contraceptives (but not abortifacients) through the university’s health insurance programs.)

In her new role, Jarrett evidently aims to lead the gender relations department further away from Catholic teaching about sexual morality and ethics.

According to an article by Ellie Gardey (ND ’21) in The College Fix, Jarrett’s first email to the department laid out her goals for the following academic year, which included “’trans’ student rights,” “PRIDE week,” “pronoun emphasis,” “discussions about sex/gender/sexuality,” and “PARIETALS ‘reform’ (REMOVAL).” 

To be specific on two of her goals, Jarrett wants female students to be able to stay all night in men students’ rooms, and “their” (as student government refers to Jarrett) wants Notre Dame to join “woke” colleges “across the country [that]…are doing away with words such as: he, she, him, her, himself, and herself” and “allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronoun from a list including such gender-neutral identifiers as ‘ze, hir, and hirs,'” 

Anti-Catholic Leadership at a Catholic School?

Jarrett has also publicly decried important tenets of Catholic sexual ethics and marriage. In February, she posted a tweetthat read:

Other social media posts from Jarrett have expressed vulgarity and hostility toward men. In March, she tweeted, 

The tweet was a response to critical comments when she posted a picture of herself wearing bike shorts in protest of an Observer article against leggings.

And again in a post on Instagram last year, Jarrett declared,

You can trust [women about their bodies]. If we wanted your [men’s] ignorant, irrelevant opinions, we’d ask.”

(After Gardey reached out to her for comment, Jarrett changed her Instagram account profile. Since then, she has made her account private, and the quote above is no longer publicly visible.)

According to its website, the student government gender relations department “works to foster a healthy environment of communication and dialogue between individuals of different genders on campus.” Student government’s most recent initiative respecting gender was to co-sponsor a talk by a well-known critic of Catholic teaching on gender who assails it as “fundamentally flawed.”

Diversity Trumps Doctrine

Jarrett was nominated for the position by student body vice president Patrick McGuire and president Elizabeth Boyle, who held the same gender relations position last year. Boyle defended Jarrett’s nomination by stating,

Bringing diversity and diversity of thought [to Notre Dame] is exceptionally important.

Based on her campus activities and publicly expressed opinions and goals, it appears that Jarrett’s commitment to bringing more “diversity of thought” on campus includes an agenda rife with ideology that pushes back against Catholic teaching. Her Gender Studies account of her internship with an organization devoted to advancing the transgender agenda “in rural communities and small towns” and her blog site, which is devoted almost entirely to LGBT issues, really leave no doubt about that.

Gender Relations Programs Need a Brake, Not an Accelerator

Sycamore Trust has described in previous bulletins how the Notre Dame Gender Studies Program has undermined Catholic teaching. See, e.g., “The Gender Studies Program Versus the Church.” 

Last year, the Notre Dame Gender Studies Program brought back an LGBTQ film festival of the sort that had previously been banned which, again, promoted LGBTQ lifestyles.

And in 2017, in an event we will describe in detail later, the Gender Relations Center co-sponsored a talk by Fr. James Martin, S.J., a controversial figure who has been a vocal advocate for hiring same-sex married Catholics as primary and secondary school teachers and incorporating them into Church ministries. Fr. Martin, as we have previously reported, was honored on campus by Notre Dame’s Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (GALA) this past spring.

Student Government Promotes New York Times Monopoly

This summer, Notre Dame’s student government announced that it would be providing every student with a free online subscription to the New York Times beginning in August. This makes it the only free newspaper (apart from student publications) available on campus.

In previous years, student government provided just over 100 print copies of the paper in each dining hall for students to pick up. But now, according to the student government press release, student access to the New York Times will increase from “around students to over 8,500.”

In past years, at least for a period of time, student government also had a contract with the more conservative Wall Street Journal and provided several hundred copies across campus as well. But now the only national paper available to all students free of charge is one that has a history of liberal and anti-Catholic bias, with articles that favor abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage as “rights,” to name but a few examples


Notre Dame student government is joining the university’s gender relations programs in promoting policies and practices hostile to Church teaching. The “Catholic neighborhood” of Dr. Alfred Freddoso’s memorable description of Notre Dame as “something like a public school in a Catholic neighborhood” is increasingly at risk.

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20 Responses to “Diversity & Tolerance — Of What?”

  1. Diversity & Tolerance — Of What?

    Of sexual sin, and thus diversity and tolerance of sexual acts that regardless of the actor’s ancestry, or the actor’s desire/inclination/orientation, universally demean the inherent Dignity of the human person as a beloved son or daughter, sexually objectifying the human person, consistent with the ideology of atheistic materialism, which denies that God, The Ordered Communion Of Perfect Love, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, Is The Author Of Love, Of Life, And Of Marriage.

    “1849 Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods. It wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity. It has been defined as “an utterance, a deed, or a desire contrary to the eternal law.”121
    1850 Sin is an offense against God: “Against you, you alone, have I sinned, and done that which is evil in your sight.”122 Sin sets itself against God’s love for us and turns our hearts away from it. Like the first sin, it is disobedience, a revolt against God through the will to become “like gods,”123 knowing and determining good and evil. Sin is thus “love of oneself even to contempt of God.”124 In this proud self- exaltation, sin is diametrically opposed to the obedience of Jesus, which achieves our salvation.125“

    675 Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers.574 The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth575 will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.576

    A religious deception that serves to reorder man according to sexual desire/inclination/orientation, in order to justify the engaging in or condoning of sexual acts that regardless of the actors or the actor’s desire/Inclination/orientation, including if those actors are a man and woman united in marriage as husband and wife, are universally physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually harmful, because they demean the inherent Dignity of every beloved son and daughter is anti Christ, because it universally exchanges The Truth Of Love with a lie.

    Love, which is always rightly ordered to the inherent personal and relational Dignity of the persons existing in a relationship of Love, is devoid of lust.

    One cannot stand against hate if one denies The Truth Of Love.

    It is scandalous to even suggest that it is possible for a Catholic to deny the Sanctity of the marital act within The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and remain in communion with Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    “Ave Crux, Spes Unica-
    Hail The Cross, Our Only Hope!”

  2. Pray and Fast for the students on Notre Dame’s campus! Everyone of of them belongs to “OUR LADY” even though they do not know it yet. My soul agonizes when I think about how spiritually starved these students and administration must be.

  3. “Thank You” to RSB ’76. Deep regrets to Jim Shapiro ’52. It shames me, deeply that UND gave Obama an honorary degree and a forum to spread his political and philosophical mendacity and socialism. Personally, I endorse and applaud every initiative, action, appointment, and comment made by DJT as POTUS. For me, the unsecure southern border, and the ongoing decades of invasion of illegals, drugs, and violence from Mexico would warrant annexation by force–but I digress. Steve Martinek ’71, ’74

  4. David L. Sponseller, 1953 November 17, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    To Jim Shapiro and Sara Berumen: Rather than indulging in the fantasy that Notre Dame could ever become an academic superstar like Harvard, Princeton, or Yale…..totally impossible…..pray that it will regain its position as the leading Catholic University in the world. That truly is possible, with new leadership. Parishes across the country appreciate the ND grads that brought faith-filled leadership into their church communities. They would rarely say that about Ivy League grads.
    Also, one Sunday afternoon in April,1950 I was studying in St. Ed’s dorm when Fr. Burke walked in on the “Lee B_______ scandal”, as Lee was ‘playing house’ with a St. Mary’s girl in his third floor room. Lee was expelled from the campus within 20 hours. Today, Anne Jarrett would nominate him for Class President! It’s time to bring back the Catholic Notre Dame that America loved.

  5. To Sara Berumen:

    I suggest you up the logical fallacy “Begging the Question.” You are indulging in it at least twice with the following clause:

    “because their belief in their own system is so fragile that the only way to uphold it is to go and cyber harass young people on the Notre Dame campus.”

    One is the special link that “because” creates with the first part of the sentence; another is the remainder of the clause.

    I specifically take exception to the term “cyber harass” as a description of the behavior of “young people” [read: Anne Jarrett] along with some criticism of the Notre Dame administration.

  6. This anti-religion, hyper-aggressive secularism exemplified by the policies promoted by the ND Student Government’s Director of Gender Relations is exactly what Attorney General William Barr warned about in his remarks to the Law School at Notre Dame on October 11, 2019. And it will not stop. They have established a foothold in the unlversity and unless the administration takes deliberate action to defend itself it will be only a matter of time until the Notre Dame that most of us know and love will be gone and replaced by a “woke” secular school. We will need to change the words of the Victory March to ” What though the odds be great or small, old Notre Dame will not win over all” . I pray for wisdom and courage for our leaders.

  7. For anyone interested in the subject of “diversity and inclusion” on college campuses, I suggest they read Heather Mac Donald’s comprehensive exploration of this controversial topic entitled “The Diversity Delusion”. This important study of diversity and gender initiatives in academia across America reveals how universities are spending millions and millions of dollars staffing this metastasizing industry thus draining funding from other serious academic pursuits. Sadly, there are no accomodations the university can make, no compromises, no concessions, no surrender of standards great enough to placate these activists. The great irony in Notre Dame’s pandering to these interests is that the Administration unwittingly fosters discord, division, distrust, and rancor, rather than promoting tolerance and community. The sophomoric manner in which the University has handled the Columbus murals fiasco, and all the wasted resources this necessitated, is a salient example of this phenomenon.

    Back in the late 1960s, when campuses across the globe were embroiled in anti-war protests, Fr. Hesburgh took a bold stance to control unconstrained activism on the campus. While he recognized the legitimate right of students to express their views about such contentious matters, he would not allow the students to disrupt the peaceful educational mission of the university. He did not pander nor seek to follow the lead of all the other “elite” universities. There was even a full-page ad placed by CBS News in the Chicago Tribune advertising an upcoming special than noted this reality:

    Hostilities at Harvard,
    Collision at Columbia,
    Backfire at Berkeley,
    Strife at Sorbonne,
    Disruption at Duke,
    Opposition at Oxford,
    Semantics at San Francisco,
    Conflict at Chicago,
    Revolt at Rutgers,
    No nonsense at Notre Dame.

    Regrettably, Notre Dame no longer stands out from the pack, but rather endeavors to placate every special interest group, no matter how inimical to Catholic moral teachings. We now have “nonsense at Notre Dame”! How sad. How predictable.

  8. This article is horrendous and childish. I can’t even fathom that the Sycamore trust is so petty togo out and target individual students because their belief in their own system is so fragile that the only way to uphold it is to go and cyber harass young people on the Notre Dame campus. As a soon to be Alumni if this goes on Notre Dame will never be a good prestigious school, its time for change and big change. This is a school for education as well not just to implement religious values into the mind of those who attend it. Isn’t Catholic Universal yes the only people I see creating this and posting rude comments are the exact oppisite of that… NARROW minded and TRAGICALLY PETTY. What would Jesus say to all of you who are going against taking hands with one another and looking unite the school.

  9. Regrettably, the stark reality is that the point of no return has already been passed. The proverbial gates of hell have swung open widely and engulfed our beautiful campus. The Grotto and the Basilica now stand as lonely outliers. Despite the admirable efforts of Bill Dempsey and the Sycamore Trust, voices in the wilderness, it is past time to acknowledge that Notre Dame has fully abandoned its Catholic heritage and is no longer a truly authentic Catholic university.

  10. The catholic church teaches that you do to have to follow the catholic faith to see God in heaven. As a university ND needs to welcome everyone providing their belief and actions are peaceful and not harmful to others. Sycamore trust did not welcome President Obama but from what I read they would welcome President Trump. I hope this is wrong. Today universities must compete for students to be financially sound. Being a catholic university is a negative for many high school graduates. The Catholic church has not been paragon of virtue for some years. I would prefer to have ND be recognized as a truly great academic institution that offers a catholic education to those that so chose and survives long term. We should not harass the President. The Trustees have decided that ND should excel educationally and survive long term. The Sycamore interview on Fox News was unfortunate and not helpful to ND.

  11. Willliam Dotterweich November 14, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    To someone who has dedicated their time and treasure to Notre Dame, as I have, the lack of spine and leadership on the part of John Jenkins is absolutely heartbreaking. The faculty (with notable exceptions) is Notre Dame’s weakness and shame. The fellows and trustees are a joke. God save Notre Dame.

  12. Daniel M. Boland November 13, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    How in God’s name can such a clearly anti-Catholic collective as these students become so vocal and so openly and so antagonistically hostile to all that ND should represent and the Church teaches? Notre Dame still claims at times to be a Catholic institution but this development (amongst so many others) again highlights evidence to the contrary. Where is the once-profound influence and admirable spiritual impact of the Holy Cross Fathers, starting with the Reverend President and the five other priests who sit as Fellows?

  13. Michael Lavery – first take a look at her picture on her Sh*tter account before asking the University to implement your policy suggestion. Different strokes (phrasing) for different folks, but when I saw her – er, their – my outie turned into an innie.

    But in all seriousness, student “government” is an even bigger joke than when I was a student. In the past it was a useless organization run by “leaders” just looking to pad their resume. Now it’s been infiltrated by SJWs who think Bill Ayers was too conservative.

    And we don’t even have a football team to be proud of.

    • I know, Rick, most of these hinkey chicks are ugly enough to make a freight train take a dirt road. Additionally they belong in a circus side show in between the bearded tattooed woman and the two headed dwarfs.

  14. Does “thier” have an identifiable redeeming quality which would make “their” a reasonable fit at even a minimally Catholic institution as UND? What is the motivation for someone with such views to enroll at Notre Dame if not to infect and corrode it? The raw hatred of this student is disturbing. That she is given a preferential position to spread it is appalling.

    This is a failure (obviously) of those who are charged with leading the University. They have surrendered, either through cowardice or connivance. More troubling is the meek and relatively wide acceptance by the campus community at large of such outrageous activity and behaviors. Moral leadership would put a stop to this quickly and easily, but there is a dearth of authentic Catholic leadership. So the descent to ever darker depths continues. Pray for moral leadership.

    Tyranny in its many forms is fashionable in this present age.

  15. NDundergrad-1980 November 13, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    This is not surprising. Notre Dame is what notre SHAME is. Catholic or pagan? notre SHAME has elected to be a post-Catholic, pagan institution of lower learning. notre SHAME’s Catholic crisis is rooted in a leadership problem. notre SHAME has chosen to pursue peer status with Harvard, Yale, Princeton & Stanford rather than being disciples of Christ. A peer status among elite academia will not punch your ticket to salvation. Being a follower of Jesus… provides you a chance at punching your ticket to eternal life with God. Fake news in the media. Fake grass in Notre Dame Stadium. And a fake Catholicism under the dome.

  16. Any gal who provides free condoms should provide free sex with each rubber. Director of sexual relations? I can only wish the worst for this demented chick and the rest of her crew–that they graduate with humongous student loans and a degree in the humanities.

  17. Notre Dame needs to decide whether it will be Catholic or pagan, and then present itself as what it has chosen. To put Ms Jarrett in a “gender relations” position of authority at a university that identifies itself as Catholic is like putting a confirmed and dedicated alcoholic in charge of Alcoholics Anonymous and expecting the participants to live lives of sobriety instead of affirming their addictions. Her (“their” is a word that refers to multiple people) hatred for the Catholic faith, expressed in her tweets, should certainly disqualify her from a position of influence at Notre Dame. With friends like her, the university needs no enemies. If Notre Dame is ashamed to be Catholic, it should just say so, and those who desire a Catholic university education can look elsewhere.

  18. WOW, so stunning that this would be “tolerated” at ND…Things there going from bad to worse; so very sad…and this young woman needs many prayers for healing from her obviously troubled past experiences.

  19. This is an astounding, shocking report.
    And I am not new to Sycamore.
    Seems like we are plunging even deeper into perversity.
    God help us.
    Jack Mcgowan ’66

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