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“American Priest” by Rev. Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.

.@NotreDame's secular acclaim and religious decline in Rev. Wilson Miscamble's Ambitious Life and Conflicted Legacy of Father Ted Hesburgh. #GoCatholicND Click To Tweet With the permission of First Things (copyright reserved), we reproduce below an arresting review by Rev. Paul Mankowski, S.J., of the just-published biography by Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., of Fr. Theodore Hesburg: American Priest: Read More

Serpentine! Serpentine!

Under the pressure of public scrutiny, Notre Dame has backed off facilitating surgical abortion though its employee FSA. But so far they have held their ground with cut-rate sterilization, abortifacients, contraceptives. NOTRE DAME, IN — In the wake of our bulletin of yesterday disclosing that the university has made expenses for abortion, sterilization, abortifacients, and contraceptives Read More

“Regulation of Birth” at Notre Dame?

[sta_anchor id=”top”]Notre Dame has not accepted the exemption from the Obamacare abortifcient/contraception mandate made available by the Trump administration but instead has notified its employees that they will continue receiving free abortifacients and contraceptives in 2018 from the administrator of the university’s health insurance plan. There is time for Notre Dame to change its mind Read More

On Whose Shoulders Then Do We Stand?

  Father Bill Miscamble, C.S.C., files a dissenting opinion from Dean John T. McGreevey’s characterization of yesterday’s Notre Dame as “mediocre,” as we do from his declaration, without visible means of support, that today’s Notre Dame is “more Catholic” than it was fifty years ago under Father Ted Hesburgh NOTRE DAME, IN – Alumni who tire Read More

Game, Set, and Match to Father Jenkins

  Father Jenkins’s censure of Senator Feinstein for her questioning Notre Dame law school Professor Amy Barrett’s qualifications to serve as a federal judge because of her Catholic faith was spirited and telling and a credit to the university. NOTRE DAME, IN – Good for Father Jenkins! His indictment of Senator Diane Feinstein (D. Cal.) Read More

The Spirit of Land O’Lakes

The Land O’Lakes Statement, which insisted upon the “true autonomy” of Catholic universities “in the face of  authority of any kind both lay and clerical,” inaugurated a period of unprecedented secularization of Catholic schools. NOTRE DAME, IN — The issuance 50 years ago of the Land O’Lakes Statement by prominent Catholic educators led by Father Theodore Read More

Catholic By Design

The ND School of Architecture earns high praise for pioneering a return to classicism and urban planning nurtured by a Catholic perspective. Duncan G. Stroik is a practicing architect, author, and Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame. His award-winning work includes the renovation of the sanctuary of Saint Mary Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, which Read More