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(Don’t Look Now)

You thought at least Notre Dame would draw the line at surgical abortion? Wrong. NOTRE DAME, IN -- Last week we reported how Notre Dame has decided to do voluntarily precisely what it insisted to the courts repeatedly it could not ... Read More
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Notre Dame’s Conscience du Jour

In a stunning move, Notre Dame has just taken back the claim it made through years of litigation, in protest of the Obamacare mandate, that it couldn’t in conscience consent to the provision of abortifacients and contraceptives to its employees ... Read More
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“Regulation of Birth” at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame has not accepted the exemption from the Obamacare abortifcient/contraception mandate made available by the Trump administration but instead has notified its employees that they will continue receiving free abortifacients and contraceptives in 2018 from the administrator of the ... Read More
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On Whose Shoulders Then Do We Stand?

  Father Bill Miscamble, C.S.C., files a dissenting opinion from Dean John T. McGreevey’s characterization of yesterday’s Notre Dame as “mediocre,” as we do from his declaration, without visible means of support, that today’s Notre Dame is “more Catholic” than ... Read More
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Game, Set, and Match to Father Jenkins

  Father Jenkins’s censure of Senator Feinstein for her questioning Notre Dame law school Professor Amy Barrett’s qualifications to serve as a federal judge because of her Catholic faith was spirited and telling and a credit to the university. NOTRE ... Read More
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The Spirit of Land O’Lakes

The Land O’Lakes Statement, which insisted upon the "true autonomy" of Catholic universities "in the face of  authority of any kind both lay and clerical," inaugurated a period of unprecedented secularization of Catholic schools. NOTRE DAME, IN -- The issuance 50 ... Read More
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Catholic By Design

The ND School of Architecture earns high praise for pioneering a return to classicism and urban planning nurtured by a Catholic perspective. Duncan G. Stroik is a practicing architect, author, and Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame. His award-winning ... Read More
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Academic Freedom Wins A Round

Shortly before a band of Notre Dame students drew national attention by walking out on Vice President Pence at commencement, a Notre Dame professor’s stand against student intolerance for unfashionable views had been publicized on national television. We take note ... Read More
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A (Mostly) Fine Commencement

Some 100-150 members of the class of 2017 "respectfully" walk out on Vice President Pence's commencement address in an officially sanctioned demonstration. NOTRE DAME, IN -- Except for a few minutes of university-sanctioned agitation by a handful of discomposed students, the ... Read More
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LGBT & Pro-Life Week on Campus

An April week brought to campus an LGBT protest of Vice President Pence, acknowledgment that the Gender Studies Program contradicts Catholic teaching, and celebrations of both same-sex marriage and pro-life champions. NOTRE DAME, IN -- A lot went on at ... Read More
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It Depends on What They Mean by “Small”

With yet another tuition increase far exceeding inflation, the cost of a Notre Dame education balloons to nearly $70,000 next school year. NOTRE DAME, IN -- In a February 17 press release, the university announced a tuition increase for next year: ... Read More
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Pence’s Turn for Student Brickbats

Now it is protests by Notre Dame students against Vice President Pence as commencement speaker rather than against President Trump that have drawn national attention. Notre Dame’s honoring of President Obama in 2009 continues to dog the university. The university’s ... Read More
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The Commencement Speech That Wasn’t

Fake news: President Trump’s Notre Dame Commencement Address When the news broke that President Trump would not deliver Notre Dame’s 2017 commencement address nor receive an honorary degree despite the university’s tradition of honoring newly elected presidents in this fashion, ... Read More
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The Laetare Medal Misfire, Chapter 2

Notre Dame has chosen a dissident priest to receive the 2017 Laetare Medal. After last year's unsettling award of the Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden despite his championship of abortion rights and same-sex marriage, one might have hoped ... Read More
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The Ghost of Commencement Past

Notre Dame's defense against charges of scandal surrounding President Obama's 2009 commencement address is belied by its refusal to extend the same honor to President Trump. NOTRE DAME, IN --  By declining to invite President Trump to deliver this year’s commencement address after ... Read More
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Notre Dame and the Election: Apocalypse Now!

Trump's election was met at Notre Dame with widespread dismay and hostility even though Trump is an ally and Clinton an enemy of the Church on abortion and religious liberty. NOTRE DAME, IN -- This is the last of our bulletins ... Read More
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The March for Life, the Election, and Notre Dame

The March for Life is energized by the Trump administration as Archbishop Chaput suggests Trump be invited to speak at Notre Dame's Commencement. NOTRE DAME, IN -- In our last bulletin, while acknowledging President Trump’s flaws, the impossibility of predicting his ... Read More
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The Election, the Church, and Notre Dame, Chapter One

The election of Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton improves the landscape on a number of issues important to the Church and Notre Dame. NOTRE DAME, IN -- In this bulletin we discuss how the election of Donald Trump may ... Read More
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Transgender Conformity

The following First Things article is reproduced with the publisher's permission. Nova Classical Academy, a K–12 charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the sort of school that most parents seeking a first-rate education for their children can only dream ... Read More
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Father Jenkins and Transgenders, Fact and Fiction

Father Jenkins’s wavering on transgender “rights” calls into question truths of both science and faith. NOTRE DAME, IN -- As we’ve reported in a previous bulletin, Father Jenkins has said he’s undecided about the demands of transgendered persons to use ... Read More